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Aug 14, 2008 10:46 PM

Where to have lunch before the Air Show on Friday?

We took a vacation day on Friday to go to the Air & Water show like we do every year... pack a nice basket of food and "tasty beverages" to enjoy during the course of the day. Just found out Friday's show starts at 3. Not wanting to waste a beautiful vacation day in the city, we're still thinking of going down earlier & thought of stopping for lunch near North Avenue Beach. Something cozy & casual, obviously good food, nice outside area, Mexican, Turkish, Italian, Mediterranean are all possibilities. BYO is a plus... if not, no problem as long as they sell cocktails!

Basically just want somewhere somewhat in the vicinity of North Avenue Beach where we could walk from the restaurant down to the beach afterwards.

Thank you!

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  1. Your best bet is around the North and Wells intersection. There are a couple of pubs for sandwiches and other pub grub; Bistro Margot is a couple of blocks south on Wells, and Dinotto is near the corner on North. There are other places around, but most of them aren't open for lunch.

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      Thanks.... that's exactly what I was thinking! I was actually thinking of Dinotto. Have you been there before?

    2. A bit of a late reply, but something to keep in mind for the future.. brunch at the signature room before/during the show is actually pretty reasonable. You'll actually be looking DOWN or EYE-LEVEL with the planes. Have never really had much trouble calling in a week before and requesting a window table.