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Aug 14, 2008 10:11 PM

Milkshakes? In Vegas??

I've been craving an old-fashioned milkshake. You know, the type that are made with real ice cream and maybe some real strawberries and are served to be poured out of a metal mixing container that is frosty cold. And maybe a touch of whipped cream on top. Any idea where I can find one in Vegas???

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  1. The closest I know of is at Burger Bar. I had a vanilla shake in May 2008; here's what I wrote at the time:
    "I started with a vanilla shake. As far as I could tell, it was made with nothing except for rich ice cream and rich milk. It It was also huge. Part one was served in an old fashioned sundae fountain glass. Part two - the leftovers - was served in a steel mixing cup, of the type once used to make milk shakes. In any case, it was an excellent version."

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      Ghiradelli has yummy shakes, ice cream, and of course chocolates. It located between Harrah's and IP in Harrah's Carnaval Court. Across the street at Mirage, BLT Burger serves up tasty shakes and spiked shakes. Stripburger at Fashion Show Mall also serves up a few varieties and you can add a shot.

    2. The milkshakes on offer at BLT Burger look very tempting.

      I seem to remember there being a milkshake menu at Stripburger too. We haven't eaten at either restaurant.

      1. all the high end burger places have milkshakes ( i am way behind on my postings - especially my slider crawl which in a few cases, included a milkshake ))

        i enjoyed the custard shake at sammy's earlier this year - very rich ! flamingo and decatur - nw corner.

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          What's a custard shake? A shake made with frozen custard instead of ice cream? And do tell about Sammy's, please.

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            sammy's is a hot dog stand - very small place but they have quite the menu. the serve sabrett's hot dogs - they are ok by my standards but it's my understanding that sabrett's is the standard on the east coast. they serve "LA style pastrami" i've eaten at this place 4-5 times and i've yet to eat the pastrami, nor have i asked what that means - if they say it's comparable to Langers, then damn, i gotta try it !

            anyways, one day i try the raspberry shake - yes, they use frozen custard, they gave it to me first and as i waited for my food, i almost drank the entire shake !! very rich n creamy.

            geez, i could use a shake right now !

            happy eating

            1. re: kjs

              Thanks. I think LA style pastrami is like what you might get at The Hat or Johnnie's, as opposed to Langers which is NY style. Whatever. I only eat pastrami on very rare occasions. But frozen custard, I'm always on the hunt.

        2. I like the Coconut Cream Pie Shakes at Sonic burger. They were better back when they put a squirt of REAL whipped cream on top, but the latest "topping" substitute isn't too bad as artificial toppings go.