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Aug 14, 2008 09:07 PM

Momofuku menu...seemed limited tonight

Went to Noodle Bar tonight (Thursday) around 7pm. Menu seemed really short compared to what I'd seen other people report. No sweetbreads, no fried chicken, no rice cakes. No rib special that others reported, there was a squid special instead.
Pork buns and smoked chicken wings were great as expected, but I thought there might be other interesting dishes on the cheaper side of the menu...
Are we in the middle of a seasonal shift? Would love to know when they add new things on again...

Also, has anyone determined where to buy the mantou buns or whatever they're called for home cooking?


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  1. Not sure. I was there on Monday and very pleased with selections. There was a cold roast beef noodle special, also ordered the pork buns, crispy vegetables and kimchi stew. All wonderful. We did specifically ask for the specials though so maybe that is it? They had about 3-4 specials.

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      only one special thursday night. seemed odd, since it was so early.