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Aug 14, 2008 08:22 PM

Oceanaire costs [MSP]

The Oceanaire web site doesn't list prices. Can anyone give me an idea of the prices there?

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  1. The best way to think of it is Manny's prices but with seafood, so expect to pay about what you would at Manny's for your group (with wine and cocktails, about $100+ per person).

    Entrees vary a bit depending on how you have the fish prepared (you can have a simple preparation of butter citrus salt and pepper, or a chef's preparation), expect $25-$45, sides are a la c arte. Oysters are pricier than most places, but they have a great selection, and the raw bar is the best in the TC in my opinion, but you pay for it. I've been partial to the specials there in the past...never having been disappointed. Cheers.

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      I will add that the waitstaff is very accommodating about downsizing dishes to appetizer-size or half-size portions. This can cut the cost down tremendously while still giving you plenty of food. (Their idea of a half-size portion is "enough for six people" instead of "enough for twelve.")

      1. re: Jordan

        They are also very open to shared plates and "family style" meals.

        If everyone orders an entree, the price goes through the roof quickly. If some sharing happens, you'll still probably have leftovers, and money in your wallet on the way out.

        Oh, and tell them that someone is celebrating a birthday, and Baked Alaska is on the house. (You probably don't want to become a regular who does this on every visit.)

    2. I agree that the best way to eat at Oceanaire is to split dishes. If every person orders their own appetizer or salad, entree and dessert, there will be way too much food, and remember seafood doesn't tend to keep well. My husband and I split a salad, ordered our own entrees and then shared a dessert and that was still a bit too much food. I recall the price for a meal done that way at around $100 with tip.