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Aug 14, 2008 08:16 PM

Homemade kielbasa in Los Angeles--

a Polish friend of mine told me there is a butcher shop on Wilshire and , she thought, 10th Ave.??? She told me the name and I can't remember.

Anyone know??

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  1. Don't know the name, but it's a Polish Grocery, not just a butcher shop.

    It's on the South side of the street, east of Lincoln.

    1. It's J & T European Meats according to the L.A. County Environmental Health Board, which gave it a 94. I never had their kielbasa, but I love their double-smoked kabanos and hunter's stew. It's located at 1128 Wilshire Blvd. in Santa Monica.

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      1. re: Dogbite Williams

        The big sign in the window says "POLISH SAUSAGE FACTORY". You'd never know it was called J & T by looking at it. Their English varies based on the person you get.

      2. I can think of two places that have decent kielbasa. There is a Ukranian grocery store that is on Wilshire in Santa Monica that has decent, though not homemade, kielbasa. The other option would be a place in Beverly Hills (Olympic and Doheny, I believe) that sells housemade sausage. I cannot remember the name of that place, unfortunately.

        My favorite housemade kielbasa in LA is up in Glendale and it's called the Continental Sausage Company. I think it's on San Fernando Road. Outstanding. And if you're a fan of leberwurst and weisswurst, then this would be right up your alley. Nice people who make good, honest sausage.

        1. If you are in the Valley I recommend the European Sausage Factory in a little industrial park on the south side of Saticoy just west of Coldwater. Wonderful kielbasa as well as my favorite hot dogs in LA, multiple varieties of bacon, and lots of exotic delicacies. Well worth a trip.

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          1. re: ebethsdad

            How is their sauerkraut, ebethsdad? I'd like to have a second reason to make the trip.

            1. re: Dogbite Williams

              Not great. They do have some very interesting desserts, and are right around the corner from Sherman Way Thai heaven (the stretch of 5 or 6 good Thai restaurants), the Baklava Factory, and Tacos El Zorro, Bandini's choice for 2nd best tacos in the Valley.
              It's worth a trip just for the smell. Have fun.

          2. Check out:

            European Deluxe Sausage Kitchen
            9109 W Olympic Blvd
            Beverly Hills, CA 90212
            (310) 276-1331