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Aug 14, 2008 08:16 PM

Alton almost as silly as Paula

This guy is really getting to me, I do like the show, I think it is educational but overkill on props.

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  1. Yes, but in a good way. In an endearing way. I love Alton.

    The other day I saw the first two minutes of Paula Deen's show, and she introduced it by showing off her new fake hairpiece, which she called a rat.

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    1. re: Halie

      "Rat" is the correct name for a specific type of hair piece!

    2. So what's the comparison w/Paula??? Her props are her yucky family members...

      1. While I agree that is props are getting a little on the silly side. His deep fried turkey rig was just stupid.
        But I don't see the Paula similarity.


        1. I suffer through his shtick because I like the food science info his has to offer. Sorry but I just can't sit through a Ted Allen Food Detective show. That's just very hard to watch. I would love to see Alton do his show without the shtick or at least tone it down. We can always hope.

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          1. re: scubadoo97

            When I first saw Alton I thought it was pitiful. After watching a few times I realized he is doing for this generation what Harold McGee did for mine. It seems you have to entertain to teach these days. While I still prefer H. McGee, I understand why Alton does things the way he does. Problem is that with this mode of teaching you are always trying to top yourself with show biz rather than info.
            As to the Ted Allen show, just regurgitating Harold McGee's recent columns doesn't really cut it for me.

            1. re: The Old Gal

              You've always had to entertain to teach. And always will. If you can't hold someone's attention, you can't reach them.


          2. Alton and Paula do not belong in the same category or even in the same sentence. Alton's props can be annoying but they do have merit - you have to admit, they help you remember things better! I appreciate it that he is teaching something.