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Alton almost as silly as Paula

This guy is really getting to me, I do like the show, I think it is educational but overkill on props.

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  1. Yes, but in a good way. In an endearing way. I love Alton.

    The other day I saw the first two minutes of Paula Deen's show, and she introduced it by showing off her new fake hairpiece, which she called a rat.

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    1. re: Halie

      "Rat" is the correct name for a specific type of hair piece!

    2. So what's the comparison w/Paula??? Her props are her yucky family members...

      1. While I agree that is props are getting a little on the silly side. His deep fried turkey rig was just stupid.
        But I don't see the Paula similarity.


        1. I suffer through his shtick because I like the food science info his has to offer. Sorry but I just can't sit through a Ted Allen Food Detective show. That's just very hard to watch. I would love to see Alton do his show without the shtick or at least tone it down. We can always hope.

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            When I first saw Alton I thought it was pitiful. After watching a few times I realized he is doing for this generation what Harold McGee did for mine. It seems you have to entertain to teach these days. While I still prefer H. McGee, I understand why Alton does things the way he does. Problem is that with this mode of teaching you are always trying to top yourself with show biz rather than info.
            As to the Ted Allen show, just regurgitating Harold McGee's recent columns doesn't really cut it for me.

            1. re: The Old Gal

              You've always had to entertain to teach. And always will. If you can't hold someone's attention, you can't reach them.


          2. Alton and Paula do not belong in the same category or even in the same sentence. Alton's props can be annoying but they do have merit - you have to admit, they help you remember things better! I appreciate it that he is teaching something.

            1. alton's props have their roots in "science made simple" shows like mr. wizard and bill nye the science guy. i don't see how they're offensive whatsoever.

              1. I can't watch any of them...Paula, Alton or the Food Detective. Good grief they all act like we are about 10 years old!

                1. Alton can get pretty silly, and I could do without some of the props and comedy that add nothing to the info he's covering in a given show. Still, I learn more from him than I do watching most FN shows. Actually, I don't watch most FN shows but I'll watch Good Eats whenever I notice it's on. His prissy geekiness makes me laugh.

                  1. Alton Brown at least tries to be educational and all in all, produces pretty damn tasty food.

                    Paula Deen is borderline sexually harassing people and produces glop.

                    1. I watch AB sometimes late at night, and I've seen his progression in his popularity.
                      His show with its visuals, is fine and I learn something new in just about every show.

                      Silly? I'll take silly slapstick any day, Paula show is borderline crude. I want to like it, I want sit and smile at the silliness, but darn it. I just can't. Being a female, I find her a bit offensive. I don't want to be a picky person, I respect Paula's success story, I just would like to know what her producer is thinking.
                      Gee now who is that again?

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                      1. re: chef chicklet

                        There is this new commercial for BBQ bacon sirlion burger by Jack in the Box, in which Jack argues with the "producer" /director about cliche and stereotypes. The accents of all the speaking faces and a10 gallon hat are the highlights of the piece. I think it explains the thought process of Paula Deen's producers too, very subtly but truthfully.

                        Re : I respect Paula's success story, I just would like to know what her producer is thinking.

                        1. re: JiyoHappy

                          I don't see the comparison at all, sorry.

                          1. re: chef chicklet

                            I guess I compared them because they both have quite a bit to offer with their knowledge and experience, however, they chose to concentrate more on dumbing down America and their viewers with their presentations and simple foolishness.

                            1. re: cook52

                              Dumbing down? Every Good Eats features some kind of of scientific knowledge about the theme, including occasional usage of foam representations of atoms and molecules! You can say Alton Brown's show is silly, foolish maybe a stretch, but it's certainly not dumb. Would you bemoan a teacher (at any level) for using props or "visual aids?"

                        2. Completely different but both are Type A personalities. Paula's fake-for-TV shrill laughter makes my ears bleed, and her use of double entendres and sexual innuendo makes me nauseous when watching a show about food. Alton's use of props is great especially for people unfamiliar with what he's trying to explain, though they might seem silly for viewers who are more knowledgable.

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                            Gee I'm glad I don't watch her show anymore. When she got purtied up, I left, and glad I did so before her party.

                            Alton's takeoff on 'Castaway' is still one of my favorites. I'm sure his latest schtickiness is ratings driven.

                            1. I don't see the comparison, but I also agree that Alton has gone a bit over the top. Kinda full of himself these days, IMO.

                              1. I used to like his silliness. I enjoyed his parodies and demos, even though I really didn't care about the science. (I just need hows to cook and don't care about whys). But I find many of his recipes don't work. They're not the best methods out there. I also have come to seriously dislike him. He was a real jerk on TNFNS last season and he has made unkind comments about obsese people (and he porked up himself quite a bit over the years, so he's in no position to talk). I just get that he's not a nice person at all.

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                                1. re: Avalondaughter

                                  I agree. He was amusing and informative in the early years but when he got involved with some of the other shows he showed himself to be a real jerk. He purports to be an authority on the science of cooking, but he is wrong more than he is right on most subjects.

                                  1. re: trouttr

                                    I've learned a lot from Alton through the years, but I am turned off by the Scruffy Alton that hosts Iron Chef America. Alton is a geek, and he should stay geeky, not try to look pseudo cool with a two-day beard. His manic personality on that show makes me wonder if they're spiking his coffee.

                                    1. re: brendastarlet

                                      >>I am turned off by the Scruffy Alton that hosts Iron Chef America.

                                      Yes, but that's FN squeezing blood out of a rock. They're capitalizing on Alton's personality.

                                      I hate his biker show.

                                      1. re: dolores

                                        omg. You just said what I was thinking. Hope Feasting on Waves is different.
                                        But anyway...

                                        He doesn't bother me on ICA, I realize what's going on. He portrays a completly different character than his goofy self on Good Eats... He is reporting and giving his opinion on very high end gourmet food. (some of which looks gross btw)
                                        And who knows, he may being directed to come across as a know it all, andl he does that very well. However, I don't think that's his real personality, just an act. If it isn't then I'm guessing he's bright enough to pull himself together.

                                        AB is truly in the minority imho, of the FN stars/cooks that's worth watching.

                                        1. re: dolores

                                          Love feasting on asphalt. He has a very sarcastic self deprecating sense of humor that a lot of people misread. On that show you can really see how he doesn't take himself or most things very seriously. It's great to see him in a less artificial enviorment with a bunch of guys busting each other up and enjoying what they find.

                                          That show really show cases his lack of pretension and how he can laugh at himself when he screws up. I hope the waves show is exactly the same.

                                          1. re: Jase

                                            Lack of pretention? I disagree. I think Alton is quite pretentious and pompous and condenscending to both his "buddies" and the people he encounters on the road.

                                            1. re: Janet from Richmond

                                              Yup, not pretentious. I think a lot of people just don't get his real non tv character humor. He comes across as sarcastic and willing to poke fun at himself. I'm around a lot of those kind of people and it's easy to mistake the arch and dry quips as being a jerk. When really they're not taking anything too seriously.

                                              Look at the nutria mistake. He had no problem admitting on camera and to the people in the diner that he was mistaken and he was laughing at himself and saying he was dumb. A truly pretentious uptight person can never laugh at themselves as often as it's shown on all his shows.

                                            2. re: Jase

                                              I second it Jase... AB is a guy a would totally want to hang out with... I don't find him pretentious at all. I get his humor and love it!! Cannot wait for Feasting on Waves...

                                      2. re: Avalondaughter

                                        On the contrary, Alton is a very nice guy! I have met him 3 times and in each instance he was very nice and fun. In fact all three times, I can say happily report that we actually had a conversation and he seemed very interested in talking with me. Also, I haven't heard of any bad story about meeting Alton. All of the tales from meeting him are postive. Someone who's a jerk wouldn't have that many positive stories.

                                        And yes, he is very sarcastic but for someone who is also very sarcastic its was fun to have some banter with him :)

                                      3. I am not going to compare Alton & Paula.

                                        I was watching the calamari episode of Good Eats last night, and had to fight off the urge to change the cannel when each of the annoying little "skits' Alton has as a part of his show was on..

                                        He could cook just the food, and teach the science aspect without being such a goof. I like Alton, but he is a little over the top in a nerdy/annoying way sometimes for me to handle.

                                        1. Alton is silly all right, but the difference to me is, he's still entertaining and I learn something from him. Paula is not entertaining, and nearly everything she does makes me want to vomit.

                                          1. i don;t know why silly is a bad thing. i think silliness is the highest (and most underrated) of human virtues