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Aug 14, 2008 08:13 PM

Looking 4 dry-aged, 100% grass-fed, miniature Highland or Galloway beef - MSP

Any and all responses are welcomed and much appreciated.

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  1. well. . . what an extremely specific request!

    okay, maybe start with sunshine harvest farm. they have 100% grass fed highland cattle (not miniature, regular, uh, tall highland cattle). they would know about anybody else doing highlands or mini highlands on grass in the area. they could possibly arrange the dry aging for you or you could dry age yourself. they do a meat csa year round, they have a booth at MCFM (mill city farmer's market), and here is their website:
    the picture of cows on the website does not appear to be of the highland cattle, but they do have a medium-size herd of highlands, i've seen them. that's. . . about the extent of my leads on grass-fed scottish specialty cattle breeds locally, could dig around a bit i suppose.

    oh: the names of the folks to talk to at sunshine harvest: mike, coleen, brandon (their son). good luck on your search and please follow up with a post or 2 about what you find!

    1. Is the miniature beef used to make petit filets and mini-burgers?

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      1. re: Jordan

        Funny, but no. It's for research purposes. I'm looking to raise cattle and I've done alot of reading and it seems mini galloway or highlands are the best way to go for myself, at least on paper. But the real test will be the taste of the mini's compared to the norm to see if there's a difference.

        1. re: MilliePop

          as a direct result of your post i correctly knew that the "mini cows for mini cowboys" story on this weeks Wait Wait, dont tell me on NPR. apparently the mini's are better for the environment, but there was no (even humorous) comment on the taste.

          1. re: tex.s.toast

            Meat is murder.

            Tasty tasty murder.

            If you're looking to buy to eat, check with the folks at Clancy's or Whole Farm Co-op. There were some folks in the Hay River valley in Western Wisconsin that were rasing some highlands, don't know if they were mini's. If I remember correctly, one guy was even raising some Chiarina's from Tuscany. He was coming to the Minneapolis farmer's market.

            1. re: JimGrinsfelder

              Clancy's = backed. If you want something special, just let them know in advance...

      2. Hi, Little bit to far away,NZ, to be of assistance with your request, but we have processed some of our miniature highlands and can assure you they are terrific eating. Processed some of our full size cattle at the same time and altgough the mini's were 6 months older, the hook weight difference was only 30kgs in favour of the full size. Big advantage of the mini's is the ability to farm more per acre and the meat cuts are a little more suited to the plate. An awesome animal to farm and befriend, good luck with your search.

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        1. re: minihighland

          "befriend" eh? guess its a good thing your half a world away so you dont get any ideas about "befriending" me. do you treat all your friends that well?

          just kidding, thanks for the info.

          still waiting on those mini-cattle sliders, which would just be too meta.