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Aug 14, 2008 07:59 PM

Best local breakfast joint in Ft. Lauderdale

We're heading to Ft. Lauderdale in the next couple of months and are looking for where the locals go for a GREAT breakfast. Not interested in IHOP, etc. We want really well-cooked eggs, great home fries and OJ that isn't from a plastic jug. How about it Lauderdalians?

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  1. The Floridian on Las Olas.

    1. I would recommend Le Bonne Crepe on Las Olas, its a bit nicer than the Floridian and is a local favorite. Food is always great, we have been going there every weekend for longer then I can remember.

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        My personal fav is Las Colinas on Andrews. It's not fancy but it's good and inexpensive. It's also somewhat unique if you are from north florida or visiting from up north. An authentic Cuban breakfeast. If you order eggs and bacon or dos nuevos con bacon, you will get cuban bread instead of toast and Potatoes boiled down ith onions pepers and safron instead of homefries. They call them house potatoes. Every meal is served with cafe'con leche that will give you a boost for the rest of the day all for under $5 if you go before 11 am. This place has excellent cuban sanwiches as well. get one and you won't need anything the rest of the day!

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          Have to go with the Floridian...Las Colinas sounds wonderful as I am cuban and usually have to travel south from Ft Laud for that kind of breakfast....The Aruba Beach Cafe has a wonderful brunch and you are literally right on the beach it's at Commercial and the beach. ENJOY

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            Las Colinas is currently closed for renovations. I'm not sure when they will be reopening.

      2. The Floridian is average at best. I would go to Croissant Time, which is 10 minutes away from the Floridian. It's a French place with pretty amazing food. If don't like a French breakfast, then you need to somewhere else. I like Las Colinas, but people said it was closed. You might want to go the beach and see what is down there, but I don't know names. Trina's was very good for breakfast, but is very expensive. I also like for a BBQ breakfast, the Georgia Pig or less so, but I like is the Dixie Pig. Lester's on 84 is famous, but again is not worth the trip.

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          I second Croissant Time - I buy our bag of treats THEN head to the beach. Best of both worlds

        2. Try the Original Pancake House on N. Federal Hwy ()US1). It is definitely not IHOP, great fres squeezed juice and excellent panckaes, French toast, waffles, eggs.

          1. Try The Village Grille on Commercial and El Mar Drive (just east of A1A 1 block from the ocean). Very good breakfast and you can walk on the beach afterwards.

            Village Grille
            4404 El Mar Dr, Lauderdale by the SE, FL