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Aug 14, 2008 07:56 PM

Tesoro - Edmonton

Checked out Tesoro Cafe in Oliver Square for lunch yesterday. This cafe has been around for 2 years, I had not seen nor heard of it, however we received a gift certificate for it.

The space itself is nothing great, however they have a decent patio area near on the west side of the building. The cafe is on the north side of the complex so you are not near the main road. There is a nice fountain and greenery in the area.

For lunch I chose a grilled panini with spicy Soppressata, grilled eggplant and roasted red peppers. The sandwich was perfectly grilled, crispy outside still moist inside. heated thoroughly, cheese melted. served with a green salad (nothing special, but decent) with a nice mustard vinigrette.

My SO went for the pizza. I am always excited to try a new pizza. this is a fairly traditional thin crust pizza. he had the basic calabrese pizza. The sauce was nice, ample cheese/toppings, not too much to make it soggy. the crust was maybe a little to bready, would have been great if it was wood fired instead of pizza stone/oven.

Our bill including a latte & sparkling water was $24. Pretty decent!

i would like to head back for an evening with wine on the patio and try the pastas, they looked great.

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  1. I adore Tesoro, not because it's the greatest thing known to man, but it's exactly the kind of place you find in Florence. It's a Florentine "bar" if you will, where the locals go to shoot the "time", and hang out. Have a caffe corretto, or a bite to eat. Simple, and nothing bad (pretty good actually!).

    1. never heard of it before now. thanks for the info.

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        could not resist going back tonight for the pasta on the patio while it is still warm.

        SO had the special carbonara, I had the pasta primavera with tomato sauce. the carb was great, made with egg & oil and pancetta (hard to find real carb, it is usually alfredo sauce with bacon). the primavera sauce was nice, the pasta was a little over cooked for me, perfect for my SO, could have used a few more veggies in the prima.

        Overall enjoyable, nice place for casual, inexpensive, tasty pasta.