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Aug 14, 2008 07:54 PM

Calgary - fresh poblano peppers - Where to find?

I am looking for fresh not dried poblano peppers. I have tried both BocaLoca's with no success. Has anyone seen them anywhere else? They look a bit like smaller green peppers but have some light heat. Thanks if anyone can help!
P.S. The August issue of Gourmet magazine theme is hot peppers and has many very interesting articles about them if anyone is interested.

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  1. Sometimes Gull Valley Tomatoes at CFM has hot peppers...last time they had scotch bonnets, and before that jalapenos... it might be worth checking with them. I often get peppers at T&T Superstore off Harvest Hills Blvd NE ...I'm not positive they have poblanos - I know they carry a few varieties but I've only ever bought jalapenos.

    Sorry I'm not being much help. Good luck in your search - let us know what you find -I'm sure I'll be drooling over the same recipes when I get home :)

    1. ?This thread says they were available at the Calgary Farmers Market last fall

      1. superstore and the crossroads farmers market.

        1. I've also seen them at Superstore on a regular basis. Also, Safeway and Co-op. It's the luck of the draw who has them.

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            Hi Sweeter,
            What Superstore do you go to? I haven't yet seen them at the Heritage Meadows one, but I find the stock varies so much depending on the location.

            1. re: Felicity_Calgary

              Felicity, I frequent the Edgemont one and the Country Hills one (by the movie theateres, Home Depot) A couple of weeks ago, they had lovely fresh ones at the Country Hills one but we were going away so I didn't buy them. I have a killer poblano and corn soup recipe.

              I've been to the Heritage Meadows one a few times and haven't been impressed with their stock.

          2. They were at Garrison Farmer's Market in the large produce stall around the middle (can't remember its name) but they had none last week. Maybe they are out of season now. But they were there every week during June and July. I have not seen them at Midtown Co-op.