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Jul 4, 2003 06:58 PM

looking for sour cream/french fry burrito they make in SD

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my brother in law swears on a type of burrito that he can regularly find in San Diego.

I don't know what exactly is in it but the secret he says is it has lots of sour cream and crisp french fries inside.

is there any where in OC or LA that serves this type of burrito?

(I know i could try to find places that would add the fries, I just want to try it as a reg. menu item)



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  1. something about the san diego region, all the burrito shops have fries as a regular item to add. they call them california burritos i am still to encounter a shop up in la that does it im sure there is one out there.

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      The California Burrito. Yeah I thought it sounding kind of un-appetizing when somebody mentioned it, but when I tried it, it was a different story all together. If I'm not mistaken, there are some taco shops in East LA such as Alberto's in Santa Fe Springs that are part of the chain that's in San Diego. If so, they have them on the menu.

      1. re: Robt

        Sounds similar to the reaction I had when I first heard about the po' boy sandwiches stuffed with french fries and beef gravy served in New Orleans - but when I tried one it made this po' boy feel like a millionaire!

        1. re: Chris G.

          Somebody told me that in parts of Pennsylvania, there are SALADS with french fried embedded in them....That makes no sense, but I guess the idea isn't to eat "healthy"

          1. re: Scooter Pie

            Or for that matter the deep fried bacon wrapped hot dogs sold in LA.

            1. re: WLA

              Though if you're doing Atkins, it's the bun that you'd have to look out for.

              1. re: WLA

                Well, that sounds better to me (in a sick, cholesterol-laden sort of way) than french fries in a salad!

      2. I don't understand why a person would neccessarily want crisp french fries in one of those, does anyone have an opinion on that? But I know you can find a Spuderito (that's what they call it) at Rick's in Pasadena, although they usually make it with the limper variety. It's your typical cali/mexi-style LA burger/burrito joint on the corner of Walnut and El Molino, which is about a block south of the 210 and just west of Lake Ave. I would guess you could request crispy, or "well done", as you might at everyone's favorite secret-menu restaurant, on the other hand the whole idea seems to be a way to recycle the unused french fries. I'm not sure if they have sour cream. I think it's pretty good.