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Aug 14, 2008 07:16 PM

visiting scranton

hey coming to scranton from boston for a wedding. looking for good eats on a friday night, whats out there?

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  1. carmen's at the radisson is decent upscale...actually very good for the price...but scranton is the bermuda triangle as far as superior food. head to coopers for good beers. cara mia's in dunmore has excellent deli sandwiches.

    1. Thai Rak Thai
      349 Adams Ave

      1. Yeah, I'm in Boston this week, from north of Scranton, and enjoying the dizzying array of restaurant choices. EastCoastWineMan is correct: limited choices in Scranton Sambucca's downtown is good though I've not been for awhile. In Clarks Summit, north of Scranton, Michaelangelo's is great for fine dining, State Street Grill for informal dining. Though, I'm posting on Friday night so I expect you've found something worthwhile,