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Aug 14, 2008 07:06 PM

Ethnic Eats in Toronto - What NOT to miss


My family and I are traveling to Toronto in a few days for a week, and we love to find good, authentic, delicious ethnic eats when we travel. Can anyone recommend some good places for us?

We love Indian, any Asian cuisine, Belgian, German, Greek, Italian, South American, Latin American - we're easy to please!

Thanks in advance for making a foodie family quite happy!

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  1. Try Matahari Grill on Baldwin. Absolutely fantastic Nyona style Malaysian food, and my favourite restaurant in the city. You should probably make a reservation.

    1. Look for a previous thread on good places for pho (Vietnamese noodle soup) It's addictive, you can't pass it up!

      1. You have to check out the Danforth between Broadview and Pape. At the eastern (Pape) end, it's mostly Greek, ranging from cheap 'n cheerful souvlaki joints, to more upscale spots, like Mezes or Ouzeri. As you approach the western end (Broadview), there's a variety, from Indian to Japanese to the venerable Joe Allen's (which many claim makes the best burger in the city). The whole stretch is less than a mile, so it's an easy walk, and it's right on the subway, so it's easy to get to, and you don't have to worry about parking.

        PS Avoid Pizza-Pizza, no matter how often you see them or hear their ads.

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          Go to Danforth... eat anything... enjoy ;)

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            Centered around Chester station is really the best bet - the Danforth is Toronto's Greektown and although many places lack authenticity there are some gems. I like Avli and Pantheon, which are next door to one another. Mezes is "small plates" Greek and is both fun and one of the better spots on the strip.

            Of all the Asian cuisines, Toronto probably does Chinese best - both high end (e.g. Lai Wah Heen) and more affordable (both downtown Chinatown and further afield in Scarborough, Markham, etc.).

            A couple other ideas for interesting Toronto food spots: Torito (Spanish tapas) in Kensington, Jaipur Grille or Tabla for Indian. Also visited L'Unita (Italian) recently and it is a very good mid-range spot in a beautiful, intimate room.

        2. In Kensington Market, EL Gordo and I forget the other place across from it on Augusta, for empenadas (Jumbo?). Boulevard Cafe (Harbord) is good Peruvian, and has been around for 20+ years. It has been a few years since I was there, and was pleased, but it wasn't a great bargain, IIRC.

          Not on your list, but something one does not see everywhere, Ethiopian. My current favourite is Dukem (950 Danforth) for both quality and variety. Addis Ababa (around 900 Queen W) and Ethiopia House (Irwin St west of Yonge) have their partisans.

          There's a lot of Italian in the city, but none of it will absolutely blow you away. A lot of it depends on price range, which is not to say that you get proportionally better for more $$$. Here's a recent thread on which there was lively discussion of things Italian (and other) in Toronto:

          and from an LA hound:

          Because I'm occasionally in the neighbourhood, I love Quattro Regazze (1752 Danforth) for simple, unpretentious Italian family cooking (literally - a family cooks it). The calamari is greaseless. The artichokes are superb. Go hungry. There are better places, but sometimes you want something more comforting. Higher end places to consider are L'Unita, Mistura, Mia Romagna.

          I don't think there is any Belgian (real!) restaurant left, anymore. German... maybe something in the west end. In Scarborough, there is a Swabian club which might satisfy your teutonic cravings:

          I haven't eaten there in a very long time, so I can't vouch for it now, in good conscience, but back in the day it was very good, indeed.

          Please, report back.

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            Not sure of the OP's timing but, as family-run operations are wont to do, Quattro Ragazze is closed for vacation right now, until the 19th I think. Although it's not indicated on their site, just a note on the door.

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              Oh, yes... completely forgot about Ethiopian! I definitely second this recommendation. I love Ethiopian House and Dukem!

            2. Really, you should stand at any intersection, close your eyes, turn around and point. Try that place. Just kidding, but you really ought to go through this board to narrow down what sounds good to you. Have a great trip.