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Dinner suggestions in RTP, NC?

Looking for a place for a small group to meet beween Durham and Raleigh. Proximity to I-40 is probably preferable in terms of where folks are coming from. Is there something in that corridor around 55&54? Around Morrisville? Flexible about cuisine, doesn't need to be fancy, just tasty. Some ambience a bonus. Thanks!

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  1. Hmm, let's see...in that area, I've always had decent chow at Babymoon Cafe on Airport Blvd. right off of 40. There was a thread not too long ago here discussing Mez (Page Road? Miami Blvd.? Not entirely sure which), but I've not been there. Thai Lanna on 55 is also pretty good.

    1. Zero ambience, but great food can be had at 9N9, a vietnamese restaurant at the corner of miami and alexander (in that strip mall).

      Pho 9N9 Vietnamese House
      2945 S Miami Blvd, Durham, NC 27703

      1. Serena's where 54 turns into Miami. Ambience is casual but food and drinks are delicious.

        1. I really like Chosun OK, the Korean restaurant at the intersection of 54 & 55. I think of 54 & 55 as the epicenter of Triangle ethnic dining. City Beverage is also a good chioice

          1. You might consider Saffron in Morrisville. It's got a pretty swanky/contemporary interior which belies its strip-mall location. The chef serves up very good Indian fare with some fusion dishes thrown in. The service, at times, can be spotty, but I think it might fit your bill.

            1. Mez is a casual mexican restaurant with a good atmosphere and a fancy bar and lots of parking 1 block away from I-40 at the Page road exit. Go up 1 block (S) and it's on the far right corner of the intersection.

              Easy place to meet people, decent restaurant.

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                Saffron and Mez were going to be my recs as well.

              2. Mez is at the intersection of Page and Slater. Take 54 to Miami, cross Miami and it's on your right at the next intersection. It's owned by the group who owns 411 West, 518 West and Spanky's. I've never been, but the others are so good and consistent, I can't imagine it'll be even mediocre.

                9N9 is great. Beware if you have any vegetarians, they'll be hard-pressed to find anything. They use beef broth in their tofu and veggie pho!

                At or close to the intersection of 54/55 are a couple of good Indian restaurants. Just down 55, away from 40, is an Indian buffet which is great. My office (10 of us) goes often and we've never had a problem getting a table without a reservation. They have real utensils, cloth napkins, etc. so it's a little nicer than some other lunch-type places in the area. Can anyone help me with the name? I can't believe I forgot it!

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                  Aren't there a few Indian places there at 55 & 54? The three that come to mind are Spice & Curry, Bombay Grill, and Durbar 84.

                  Also, Papa Mojo's Roadhouse would be a great spot to go for some cajun cooking and causal ambiance. (located on Hwy 55 just past the intersection of 54, in the same plaza as Thai Lanna)


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                    That sounds like Kandas, but they're on 54.

                    Speaking of nicer Indian, Azitra in Brier Creek is also very good.

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                      I just went to Azitra last week and it was AWFUL! We wanted spicy food and asked for 4 out of 5. It wasn't at all spicy and the temperature of the food was lukewarm. The kulcha was burned. The overall flavor was lacking. Several of us had the same experience. We would never suggest this place, and we will never go back.

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                        Saffron is in RTP and is the best non-veg Indian Restaurant in the Triangle, by far.

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                          Too bad. I've not been in several months, so it sounds like they're having some quality issues. However, I was recently at a party where a friend ordered some takeaway dishes from Azitra, and they were great.

                    2. anyone know if some of these places (or even one!) is open on Christmas? We're driving from MD to FL and staying in Durham on the 25th-- and hoping to find somewhere good to eat, probably around 6 p.m......

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                        The News and Observer's Greg Cox has the list of "open Dec 25" at
                        There have been a couple of updates to that list as well.

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                          Thanks very kindly. Asian places are usually a good bet on holidays. I'll pass on the Irregardless, as it's too far from Chapel Hill for what it is.... jk