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Aug 14, 2008 06:49 PM

lunch between Providence and Center Lovell, Maine?

We are driving from Providence to Lake Kezar, in Center Lovell Maine, and need a place to stop for lunch with our 5 y.o.. Needs to be "kid friendly", but not necessarily serve kid food--he doesn't do pizza, chicken fingers, etc...Any suggestions?

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  1. Have you been to Kezar? It's just beautiful. If you get a chance, check out the Center Lovell Inn for dinner while you're there (not particularly kid-friendly, but that really depends on the kid).

    As far as lunch spots, one of my favorites when we head out that way is Ken's Kove in Bridgton. It's a pretty unassuming little fish shack on Rte 302 that makes the best fish sandwich you'll find--fresh fillets, homemade bulkie rolls--and cheap, too (last time I was there, they were 2 for $4!).

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      This is our first time to Lake Kezar, but I have heard it is beautiful--that and your fish shack should make my husband happy, not sure about my son. Any idea how far from Providence (or conversely from Center Lovell)?

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        Bridgton is the last "major" town before Center Lovell, about 1/2 hour away. So that works if you're leaving RI pretty early.

        Portland is about 1 hour further south and has lots of great options--but plan on taking a bit longer to get off the highway, get to your lunch spot and park.

        Portsmouth, NH (yet another hour further south) has some great options, too. I like Popover's on the Square for lunch.

        Wherever you end up, enjoy your trip. I was just there a few weeks ago myself, swimming in the crystal water and picking wild blueberries along the shore. I'm getting wistful just thinking about it...

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          We were there last week too. Stayed at my BIL's camp at the northern tip of Kezar. Not many restaurants to speak of. I suggest you pack a lunch, pull over an have a picnic. Make sure to save room for all the delicious blueberries on Kezar. These are the most amazing blueberries you'll ever taste. Fresh and free. Better than anything I've ever payed for in any store. Just hop in the canoe and paddle up to an abundance of berries. Enjoy Kezar. It's a wonderful spot on this earth.

    2. Pull off I-95 in Portland, which is probably about half to two-thirds the way to Lovell. There are threads on these boards on lunch with kids., but you'll have a bonanza of choices in Portland. It's EZ, just turn off at the Franklin Arterial, head for the water, park (ok, that might be the tough park, but there's usually parking west of Franklin). Pretty much everything is within walking distance from there.

      1. Perhaps a little late, but yes. Less than a mile off Route 5 in Center Lovell, down West Lovell Road, is The Loon's Nest Restaurant, with an air-conditioned dining room and two decks overlooking the water. If you happen to like lobster, they also offer Blobsters, a trademarked appetizer made with lobster, and Fried Lobster, which is rarely seen on any menu.
        Check it out at
        Have a great trip!
        David, Cranston High School, '55

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          I think Portsmouth is about our halfway point. Our directions don't actually take us up the coast past Portland, although we may do that on the way back. We will be leaving Providence between 10 and 11, so we are planning on stopping between 12:00 and 1:00. Does that sound about right for Portsmouth? By then, our little guy will need some running room, but not too extended a lunch break, or he will get antsy eating. Perhaps Popver would fit that bill? And the thought of wild blueberries...

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            Portsmouth is probably your best bet, then--probably 2 hours from Providence, traffic permitting. And there's really nothing south of there worth stopping for unless you're willing to go out of your way. Popovers is only a mile or so from the highway. I haven't been since my daughter was still in an infant carrier, so I don't quite remember if there's suitable running room. But I'd say go for it. Best of luck, be sure to report back with your opinions--and to look for blueberry recipes :-)