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Aug 14, 2008 06:30 PM

Belleville and area eats

We are going up to my parents cottage for a couple of days, it's located in Brighton near Trenton and Belleville. Does anyone know of any good places to eat around there, nothing expensive, we love ethnic food especially Chinese or Indian but anything will do. Thanks.

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  1. If you look at, the top4 restos rated in Belleville are all Asian. The only CH rec I could see was for Capers Brasserie, might be expensive. There will probably be more hits under Picton, which is the new wine country.

    1. There are some nice local restaurants in Brighton, not much ethnic I'm afraid. You will understand when you get there :) Its a retirement town so nothing going on at night either. .
      Why not bring some groceries and cook your own dinner?

      BTW Belleville and Picton are not that close and Capers is definitely expensive.

      1. You don't have to drive to Trenton or Belleville to get a decent meal but it will be neither Chinese nor Indian. Brighton has two Chinese restaurants but both are fairly dismal buffets.

        Your best bet in Brighton is the Brighton Antiques Cafe. Skip The Gables as it's overpriced. Both Dougall's and the Harbourview Marina Cafe are near Presqu'ile and offer pretty water views but nothing special food. As for the rest of Brighton, there's lots of little spots, none so remarkable as to mention.

        IMHO, the only chow-worthy restaurant in reasonable driving distance is Rubb's in Warkworth. The same people are also operating the former Warkworth Diner and are calling it the 100 Mile Diner. Good food and lots of it at fairly reasonable prices. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

        1. We just had dinner last week at a newish amazing French bistro in Belleville. It's called L'Auberge de France. The service and the food were incredible and the prices were very reasonable for the quality. Bon Appetit.

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            Thanks for the great rec! Beauty of Chowhound is that I found this review as we were approaching Belleville on a trip from Montreal to T.O. I concur that L'auberge de France is a terrific bistro. We were served three different house-baked breads that were delicious to start. My wife and I split a perfectly executed French onion soup. For mains, my wife had a very nice salad with egg and duck confit, while I had steak frites, steak perfectly tender in a very nice sauce, and crisp thin, but not overly thin, frites. Wish we could have sampled desserts but the 401 was calling and we were quite full :(