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Aug 14, 2008 06:23 PM

current portland itin - edits/suggestions welcomed

after doin' my homework, i have come up with a pretty firm restaurant itin for our september portland trip. let me preface by saying that my husband and i are on an anniversary trip, san diego residents, and in our early 30's. we are staying in a river front condo on NW naito pkwy between the broadway and steel bridge. another couple (native PNWers) also celebrating their anniversary, will be joining us - so we will be a foursome. we'll be arriving on a wednesday, leaving on a sunday.

-lunch: carafe bistro
-dinner: north 45 pub ~ it's our kick off to the week dinner so i want to find somewhere fun and funky and casual. we like north 45 pub's menu as we're obsessed with mussels and they have 8 different preparations. woot, woot! have not found any write up on chowhound about it, but yelpers seem to give it a thumbs up.

-lunch: TBD
-dinner: andina

-going winetasting ~ elk cove, adelsheim, penner-ash, four graces, sokol blosser or maybe argyle
-lunch: picnic lunch at a vineyard ~ any suggestions as to which ones are most picturesque?
-dinner: TBD as i'm sure we will be tired/slightly toasted from the day. will either order in, or go somewhere walkable and casual near us (if such a place exists). anyone?

-lunch: deschutes brewpub
-dinner: clarklewis ~ have been in touch with the GM and we are going to set up a 5 or 6 course tasting menu. this is our anniversary dinner celebration.

-going to spend the morning wandering the market
-breakfast: screen door

any edits or suggestions? i appreciate the feedback and (of course) will post a report after we return.

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  1. North 45 also has good fries seasoned to go with the mussels. A fun, casual place.

    Make sure you check out Powell's City of Books if you're wandering around downtown on Thursday.

    Wine tastings on friday: suggest you limit yourself to no more than 4 wineries. Stoller Vineyards has an impressive new winery on a hill with a good view and their wines are great. Willakenzie Estate is also a nice facility among their vineyards and good Pinots. You may want to consider eating dinner down south rather than returning to Portland to eat. Joel Palmer house in Dayton has a great menu and their service is very nice. Lots of mushroom/truffle options since that's the owners specialty. Red Hills Provincial Dining in Dundee and Painted Lady in Newberg are also places that get rave reviews.

    You may want to check out the Portland Farmers market on Saturday morning. Even if you're not buying produce its good people watching, there will be music and demos and tasty snacks.

    Sunday at Screen Door should be fun but you could also consider Simpatica Dining Hall's or Country Cat's Sunday brunch.

    Sounds like a fun visit. Happy Anniversary.

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    1. re: Roy

      Skip North 45, decent bar, bad food...
      I whole-heartedly agree with Roy's Country Cat or Simpatica recs over Screen Door...
      For lunch around 21st ave try Ken's... If you require alcohol there are many cheap happy-hours close by for afterwards...
      Andina- skip it...
      Or just stop in for Happy Hour, oh, but it's still too expensive for what it is...
      Go for Beast instead.

    2. Happy Anniversary! Appreciate your doing research. Please report back. When in Sept?

      For walkable/casual near you consider Via Delizia.
      Or go "downscale" and check out our local burger chain Burgerville (I'm not kidding!) which features local seasonal stuff such as Walla Walla Sweet onion rings & blackberry shakes. Walk across Steel Bridge (lower level) to NE Multnomah & Martin Luther King Blvd.

      Picnic in wine country? Pretty much anywhere!
      Wineries: suggest Erath. Argyle is right there, so you've no excuse not to.

      On Sunday you said "market" so I assume you meant "Portland Saturday Mkt". Whatever you do, don't eat anything. You've been warned.

      Ditto what Roy said on Portland Farmers' Mkt. Sampling of our best bakeries & cheesemakers, plus Pine State Biscuits.

      1. My two-cents:

        1. Screen door is great. Be forewarned that breakfast lines in Portland are really long if you don't arrive within 15-30mins of opening.

        2. Andina - I like this place. If for some reason you do consider changing it up Lovely Hula Hands might be a good choice in a diff part of town.

        3. Friday dinner - Hot Lips Pizza delivers. Or a short drive over to Justa Pasta on NW 21st.

        1. leonardo - thanks! we'll be visiting mid-september, returning on the 21st. i like your erath winery suggestion. i think we may eliminate elk cove, since it's the only one that's not near anything else, and replace with erath. argyle is still our 5th on our list, kinda unsure about it. i love sparking wines, but something about it strikes me as uber-yuppie which isn't what we're hoping for.

          roy - city of books is on my list for sure! and i think we will take your suggestion and scoot around the market on saturday instead of sunday.

          newtcat - i'd love to skip andina ~ i thought the tapas menu looked good, but pricey (and i'm from the land of over-priced food here in so cal), however i'm not familiar with their portion sizes. anyhow, it was the one restaurant that the other couple chose and i'm pretty much driving the rest of the itinerary so i had to make one concession, being gracious and all :|

          seems like screen door is pretty mixed on reviews. does anywhere else in portland serve a mean shrimp & grits? that's what suckered me in... newtcat - thanks for the tip on brunch lines!

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          1. re: beachbunnySD

            Elk Cove is great yet it is out of the way, unless you're a sake lover, which in that case you'd have to go to nearby Momokawa.

            Do not confuse Portland Saturday Mkt (your plan - neo-hippie craft fair - either you get it or you don't!) with Portland Farmers' Mkt (mine & Roy's plan - pretty much the essence and be all-end all of PDX food)! A different world...

            Reason I asked when in Sept. was because if chocolate is your thing Sahagun will be back open. Handmade artisan single origin truffles. Mocha & hot chocolate that will change your life. Singular sodas. Five minute walk up from Powell's. Open Wed-Sat 10-6.

            If you want more wine tour thoughts, scroll down through the Wine board. Many have reported there.

            1. re: beachbunnySD

              nah, andina is great. get the scallops -- they're excellent. and if you're in a drinking mood, the first cocktail on the menu, with jalapeno infused vodka, can't be beat. i adore that place.

            2. Breakfast at Screen Door is really good but yeah, get in line just before they open. Their cheese grits are great and the praline bacon is something you gotta try. Country Cat never seems to have a wait no matter how late we go and they have ham, eggs and grits with red-eye gravy. Haven't had their grits but reports at say they rock. And I've loved every breakfast I've had there. Simpatica is always a great brunch choice as well.

              Urban drinks is a good resource for websites and menus. Look at Old Town or the Pearl for places within walking distance.

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              1. re: duckduck

                duckduck ~ that website is great - thank you! so so helpful with the mapping feature.

                leonardo ~ i was confusing the saturday market with the farmer's market. i thought they were two entities, featured in the same arena. thanks for clarifying!

                1. re: beachbunnySD

                  It's a handy site to be sure. I use it all the time. But I urge you to call ahead to confirm. Many entries are inaccurate, as in the hours may have changed or that only drink specials, not food specials, remain.

                  Yes, I could tell that you were using the two interchangeably!

                  Another site in order to take in our unbelievable food carts:
                  Take note they they are mostly weekday lunch places.