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Aug 14, 2008 06:12 PM

Stamford, near the Sheraton

Stopping for the night at the Sheraton in Stamford on our way to Maine. Any place close to the hotel that we can go for dinner? Nothing fancy, just good food for tired travelers? Also for breakfast?

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  1. Try Margot Cafe and Wine Bar. It's within walking distance and it's great.

    1. Tawa, even closer than Margot's, for very good Indian food, Kampei, in the same strip center as Tawa, for decent Chinese/Japanese. For breakfast, Bull's Head diner in the same area offers all the usual for breakfast, nothing spectacular, but probably as good as the hotel and a lot cheaper, and there's Liz Sue Bagels there as well, but apart from a tiny table or two outside, it's take-out. If there's ever a next time, stay at the Courtyard by Marriott downtown, where you'll have many more places to choose from, all within easy walking distance.

      1. Margots and Kam Pei are good choices.

        if you are heading up to the Merritt the following morning to continue:

        1 - if Long Ridge, go just past the Merritt on your left is Lakeside diner. Great pancakes
        2 - If High Ridge, just past Burger King on the left is a diner that is also very good; starbucks in the strip mall across the street

        Jfood agrees that Liz Su is the best bet for bagels.

        Liz Su, Kam Pei and Margots are all in the same 15 store strip mall just north of the sheraton

        1. You can also walk back down Bedford to a little area of restaurants: Chez Jean Pierre for French, Bennet's Steak & Fish, Capriccio for good simple Italian, Remo's for Pizza. There's lots close by. I also agree with those above about Margot's.

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            Thanks so much everyone! A little walk after a long drive will be just perfect. We'll have to see what we feel like eating when we get there.