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Aug 14, 2008 05:55 PM

nice restaurant in Northboro area?

We're taking my parents out to dinner for their anniversary tomorrow night and need advice on a decent restaurant in the Northboro area (say within 20 minutes or so). They are into relatively bland american food but I'd prefer to broaden their horizons with something chow-worthy. Otherwise, I'm open to any kind of food (although I probably can't get them to try something they would consider adventurous like sushi) as long as it is a nice atmosphere, very good food and not excessively overpriced.

Thanks for the help,

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  1. In Northborough, Romaine's is new american and has excellent steak. Service is always good and decor is nice. Mikaku for very good Japanese. Lazio for very good Italian in a real nice setting. Try the Zuppa de Pesce.

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      Thanks everyone for the advice. We went to Mikaku and it was excellent. The salmon teriyaki was perfect, the beef tataki appetizer was amazing, the chicken udon was very good, the shrimp/scallop dish (not sure which one) was very good with large shrimps and scallops and my maki sushi was very good.

      Really an excellent restaurant.

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      1. Your post disappeared again.

        I know you said no sushi but Yama Zakura also has entrees that are delicious. They are on W. Main St in Northboro.

        Another place that has great food is Romaines. It is a little pricey but for the quality and w/out drinks you should be okay. They have an filet that they cook in bacon that is delicious.

        Another place that I frequent is Canyon Cafe in Westboro. I am addicted to the fish taco's which are made with blackened Tilapia. Also very memorable were the lobster and scallop enchilada's. The entrees are around $10 which is very reasonable if you want this type of food. They also have a couple menu items that are not mexican.

        Good Luck.

        1. I'd have to say Romaine's too. Having been there, I think the menu might be what you're looking for. Also, up Route 20 into Shrewsbury center you have Willy's Steakhouse. They make a good steak, good app's and sides, and also have a great selection of very fresh sushi. I did hear Canyon Cafe in Westboro was good but have yet to try it.