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Aug 14, 2008 05:34 PM

Seatac BBQ

Sharps Roasters on industrial Blvd S.
I know that seatac gets little love in the food dept, but this place was pretty good. Great craft beer selection, slow cooked ribs falling off the bone, very solid roasted chicken, normal sized kids meals. Lots of other roasted selections. Service was okay, some little details not followed up on, but all in all it was a place that I would recommend for a boisterous casual meal.

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  1. When I'm craving turkey and dressing and gravy and I'm not up for the whole production of making it, Sharp's is a pretty good bet. Their portions are huge, so I usually don't manage to save room for dessert--but when I do, they have the most amazing soft ice cream! It's rich and buttery-tasting by itself, but they also serve it with a decadent caramel sauce that's to die for.

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      yeah we were so completely full that dessert was not in the cards