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Aug 14, 2008 05:06 PM

Overtouristed Charleston?

Has anyone visited recently-or live nearby? Is this wonderful town still as over touristed as last time I visited? Would love some updated and new restaurant picks if there are any...

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  1. What exactly do you mean by "overtouristed"?

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    1. re: Suzy Q

      Suzy Q,
      You have to love the logic behind the thought " the last time I was a tourist in Charleston there we too many ..... PEOPLE JUST LIKE ME!"
      I love it!
      To be fair, the last time I was a tourist in Charleston the streets WERE very full of "me" and I did have the thought that somebody needs to figure a way to keep me from coming back......

    2. The Fat Hen on Maybank Highway, Johns Island. Had a great brunch there last Sunday and we are returning for dinner on Saturday night. It is sort of high concept Lowcountry food, but still casual and down-home-y. Good wine list, micro-brew beers, too. They save 50% of their tables for reservations and 50% for walk ups, but be prepared for a wait, especially at dinner. We were told an hour and a half at 6:30 when we tried Tuesday night, that's why we made reservations for Saturday. Walked right into brunch, though.

      1. Just so I'm clear, I'm not knocking the wonderful city of, just notating my disappointment the last time I was there. And yes, I was a tourist myself. Possibly bad wording, but I was sorely disappointed by a few aspects of the visit. Sadly, many "tourists" come through and leave their mark {trash, etc} rather than just eyeing the beauty and originality of the area..

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        1. re: mmuch

          It's not quite as thick in the fall. The hurricanes keep them away.

          1. re: brendastarlet

            Notwithstanding the hurricanes, the fall is a great time to visit, especially foodwise. Oyster season starts in September, shrimp season lasts until the end of December, the fall produce season runs until early December, and the crabs haven't yet succumbed to cold-water sluggishness.

            1. re: Low Country Jon

              Jon, do you know if September is when Bowens Island Restaurant starts doing all-you-can-eat oysters again? I went there over the summer and was disappointed i couldn't get it.

              - DH
     - One Charleston College Student's Guide to Food and Film

              1. re: dhisgood

                September should be when they start harvesting local oysters again, but you may want to call them before you make a trip out, assuming you can get someone on the phone.

                I'm allergic to oysters, and all mollusks, myself, so I have to enjoy them vicariously while shucking them for my wife.