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Aug 14, 2008 04:57 PM

Inexpensive/ great steakhouse

I have reservations for Peter Lugers next Tuesday night and then need to make a reservation for another steakhouse the same week for a birthday party for 10.Since I dont want to spend an extraordinary amount at the second place, does anyone have any suggestions of a great steakhouse that is not TOO expensive but still excellent??


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  1. Not exactly a steakhouse, but Azul Bistro specializes in Argentinean steaks and is fun and festive.

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    1. re: Lucia

      Keen's seems good and has other options such as Lamb

      1. re: jeffffposc

        just went to keens, wasn't that impressed. if you are with a group of men i could see enjoying it. otherwise go some place else.

      2. Les Halles on Park Avenue.
        I've also done Angelo and Maxies and it didnt break the bank.

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          I wasn't impressed with their handling of a group. 12 were crammed into a table that would have fit 8 comfortably. If I had organized the event, I definitely would have had them add a table or 2. Service was a bit unorganized and slow.

        2. All of the better, classic steakhouses in the city will be priced similarly. You will pay 45-50 bucks for a great piece of steak. And when dining at a steakhouse the only cuts to order in my opinion are porterhouse, bone-in ribeye, or bone-in prime rib.

          If you want lower prices you will probably have to look for a place that isn't necessarily a steakhouse. Although there are some steakhouses with modestly priced steak options.

          Here are some examples, although I cannot personally vouch for any of these cuts at the places since I haven't actually tried them.

          BLT Prime/Steak- Hangar Steak $24. (I'm sure it's great. I have had the porterhouse here and it is terrific)
          Quality Meats- Seared Flat Iron $31
          Porterhouse New York- Hangar Steak- $32 (Someone else in my party ordered this when I went and I actually did taste this when I went. Very tender and delicious). They also have a $28 strip steak.

          1. You could look at steakhouses participating in Restaurant week, although this goes against my general rule of avoiding RW like the plague. But if price is the main driver, the following steakhouses/ steak-centric restaurants are participating:
            Porter House; Steak Frites; Bobby Vans; The Palm; Ben Bensons; Michael Jordans; TBar Steak; Ruth's Chris

            Of these Bobby Vans is probably the best classic NYC steakhouse, Palm & Ben Bensons are also similar in qualty. I've never been to Steak Frites or TBar. and PorterHouse - while usually superb, doesn't really deliver during RW.

            1. If you are willing/able to go to Hoboken, Arthur's Tavern would be an good choice. Otherwise, I'll second Les Halles. Mixed to negative opinions on this site, but it is good for groups, well-priced and solid if not spectacular

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                Oh yeah second Arthur's. Havent been to the one in Hoboken but the one in North Brunswick is great. 24 oz steak for like 22 bucks awesome.

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                  And if you are willing to go to the Ironbound in Newark ( right off the PATH or NJtransit), you could feed three for what you would pay for 1 in Manhattan- plus the sides are included. I have never had a bad steak in any of the restaurants that I have tried inn the Ironbound. They are not Peter Lugers but they are great value.