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Aug 14, 2008 04:00 PM

kosher in the bahamas

does anyone know of any kosher places in the bahamas? if not does anyone have any suggestions for meals to bring/how to pack when traveling for 10 days?



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  1. I brought frozen Mauzone meals to Atlantis. They charged $50 per night to store, heat and serve our meals. And that was 7 years ago. When I stayed at the Comfort suites across the street (full use of ATlantis facilities) they stored and heated the meals for free (granted "storage" was the ice cream case in the poolside cafe- not a deep freeze)

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      You will have zero problems bringing in any food from the States.

      I was recently at Atlantis and they still charge to store and heat up food. I believe it was $35 dollars per meal. We brought Mauzone with us as well and it was great. Another option though is the Atlantis carries frozen webberman meals out of Miami. We tried it one night for the hell of it ($45). They were OK but we went back to the Mauzone.

    2. I've never been to the bahamas, but I've brought my own food the last few times I travelled. I cooked extra meals when I made dinners that froze well (baked ziti, casseroles, mashed potatoes) and put the leftovers in aluminum tins and wrapped each tin in three layers of foil. I marked each tin with a number and wrote what each number corresponded to on a piece of paper. That way, at the hotel, we could call up the kitchen and ask the staff to heat up "# 3" for dinner.

      Some hotels charged a fee to serve the food in the hotel restaurant, and some charged even to serve it in our room. Many hotels waived the fee for the room once they realized all they would have to do was put a tin in the oven and heat it up.

      Many local restaurants will pack up foods as takeout items, if you want to bring good food but dont want to cook. However, some restaurants will only pack items that they think will heat up well.

      Also, we brought along a lot of nonperishables and went to the supermarkets for other items. Lunches were fresh salad (from the prewashed bag) with tuna from a can or foil punch. If you're not travelling too far to get to the bahamas, throw in some packets of cold cuts and cheese (feta stays well) to prepare your own meals if you dont want to pay to have it heated up.

      Also, some friends of mine were in Atlantis recently and didnt want to have the hotel heat up their food. They brought along an electric warmer (like the kind used on Shabbat) and put their frozen food on it each morning. I guess by dinner time it was warm.

      1. Rent a condo or hotel suite with a kitchen, and just bring everything frozen with you.

        1. When we went on our honeymoon at the Wyndham in Cable Beach, my husband and I brought a hot plate and Mauzone meals, as well as Zomick's challah rolls and deli. We also brought our Foreman grill, frozen hamburgers and hot dogs. We packed all of this in a cooler (a soft one) with some ice packs. Everything stayed nice and cold in the air. Our hotel provided a refrigerator, so we were able to store our food. The supermarket in Nassau had no glatt kosher chicken or meat, but it did have decent produce and many American products such as cookies, juices, etc. Our hotel room bbqs were most enjoyable!

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            A great place to get flash frozen travel meals is Noah's Ark in Teaneck, N.J.:


            They deliver anywhere in the US, or you can pick up the meals, packed with ice packs and insulated, at the restaurant. The meat meals are particularly good. What we've done in the past is make sure to stay in a hotel where there's a fridge and microwave, or we'd ask the hotel the warm up the meals (which are double wrapped and sealed). They've been a life saver!

          2. There are no kosher places in the Bahamas. It happens that I served as the High Holiday rabbi of the Nassau Jewish Congregation for four years and I still keep in touch with some of the congregants. There is no source for kosher meat in Nassau, the two or three families with kosher homes buy meat in Miami and bring it back in coolers.

            It will obviously be much easier if you have cooking facilities of some sort. We relied on members of the congregation to purchase kosher meat for us in Miami so when we got there the freezer was already stocked, but I gather from what they told us that there's no problem bringing food into the country. We also brought some LaBriute meals (we were coming from Baltimore and didn't want to rely on stuff staying frozen) and while they aren't the world's best, they did the trick.

            Produce is easy to find locally as is the most wonderful fresh fish -- snapper, grouper, and mahi-mahi (which they usually call dolphin). Most of the manufactured products in the grocery stores are from the States.

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              are there any OU stuff in the groceries?

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                I know this is a little late but the answer has to be "yes" given that most everything in the groceries comes from the US and an astonishing variety of products in any supermarket have reliable hashgachot. What you are not likely to find are products specifically aimed at kosher-observant Jews like Empire poultry or Manischewitz soup. But the range of certified cookies and cakes and cereals and dairy products and whatever are certainly available.

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                Do you know if the Nassau Jewish Congregation is near the Sheraton Cable Beach?

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                  It is a "congregation" but not a "synagogue." They don't have a building, they meet either in people's homes or for the High Holidays in a rented hall. They don't have services every week, it is a very small group.