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Aug 14, 2008 03:58 PM

looking for new place near Arclight

Going to a movie tomorrow night with my GF at the Arclight. Don't want 25 Degrees, Thai Town, Hungry Cat, Lucky Devils, Malo, or Roosevelt,. She won't eat Korean BBQ. Anybody been to Kitchen 24? Anybody have any good ideas?

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  1. Magnolia, the Bowery and Delancy come to mind...

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    1. re: nikky

      second the bowery. try the moules frites, they are outstanding. also it's on the next block so you can just park at arclight and walk over to eat and still stay within arclight's 4 hour validation.

    2. Loteria Grill.
      Los Balcones de Peru.

        1. re: bosanova99

          Kitchen 24 seemed fine, nothing excellent or noteworthy other than the tomato soup which was quite good.

          Citizen Smith or Velvet Margarita might work for what you need. Bowery is good. Since you said no Hungry Cat, I won't recommend it but IMO, it does have the best food in the neighborhood.

          Also, I believe Off Vine burned and is currently not open.

        2. Off Vine is closed. Lou on Vine (just north of Melrose) is good, but they don't open till 6 p.m., which might be an issue. If you don't mind ultra-casual, the Super Tortas place in the strip mall at Fountain & Vine is good.

          1. I really like kitchen 24. The fish and chips were pretty rockin, and their drinks are terrific.