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Aug 14, 2008 03:25 PM

Que Rico in Owings Mills closed?

I read about this place on chowhound and stopped by last night for dinner only to find they were closed (even though their "open" sign was still lit up). I peaked in and it looked pretty desolete yet not necessarily shut down.

I just called again now and the number has been disconnected (443-394-6363)... so are they closed for business or just moving to a new location? Too bad too, bc I work right down the street from them and I'm sicking of eating Cibos and Qdoba for dinner. At least there's always Vito's...

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  1. Check out Asian Kitchen and Brookside Pizza Co., both solid lunch options.

    1. This is NOT the same Que Rico that I believe has been discussed on Chowhound....I think the good one is downtown...I think around Fells Point ( maybe) The Que Rico in Owings Mills is horrible. There were 2 in OM....I know the one in New Town is closed.

      1. I believe that second Peruvian chicken place that closed in Owings Mills was a branch of the excellent NoVa-based Crisp N Juicy, not Que Rico, which reportedly has also closed in NewTown. Que shame. We deserve world class pollo a la brasas here in the B'more Burbs! (There's Chicken Rico in Highlandtown, but no one consistently approaches the succulence of the birds from the now long-closed hole in the wall on Broadway in Upper Fells Point whose name I forget. I believe he was a Spanish-speaking Palestinian, who also served a mean falafel. Crisp N Juicy should open elsewhere in Baltimore.