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Aug 14, 2008 03:16 PM

Lobster Roll

Where should I go for the best lobster roll? (Meaning the most abundant amount of lobster used, that is delicious, and not a complete tourist trap? I have read that Legal Seafoods is not the place for it)...I am staying in Back Bay, but don't mind venturing out a bit....Also, I love to eat at old, classic, locally "famous" restaurants when I travel..I am tempted to go for dinner (not much of a lunch girl), to Locke Ober...I have not seen a lot of positive feedback concerning the food, though...I know that it is expensive, but that does not bother me as long as the food, place, and service is wonderful...Thanks in advance....

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  1. A quick perusal of the board will show you the hounds are roughly split between Neptune Oyster House and B & G for lobster rolls. I've only had Neptune's (cold, w/ mayo - also offered hot, w/ drawn butter) and it was fantastic.

    Neptune Oyster
    63 Salem St Ste 1, Boston, MA 02113

    B & G Oysters
    550 Tremont street, Boston, MA 02118

    1. Thanks for narrowing it down for a lobster roll...Anyone have any feedback about Locke Ober?

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        Locke Ober fits the old, classic bill, and they do a delicious Lobster Savannah. It has been on the menu for decades and is somewhat unique in the Boston area. If the expense doesn't bother you, it could be a lot of fun!

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          I really like the Lobster Savannah ay LO..and the dining room is classic "old Boston Brahmin.

          They make a great lobster bisque or stew you could have at the bar, if you don't want to go all out.

          When you make a res, specify the downstairs, main dining room.

        2. I would definately try Locke Ober. It's a throw-back, and is lots of fun. Dress up and get ready for an old time Boston dining experience. Interesting wine list.