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Aug 14, 2008 02:48 PM

Dallas BBQ and Mexican

Searched this board for BBQ in Dallas area but can't find any recent posts...

Looking for BBQ (and maybe some Mexican) within 30 mins of DFW that a realistic request?

Coming in from NY, PA and Fla and looking for what Dallas/TX food is about.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Good luck on the BBQ....that is why I learned years ago how to smoke my own!

    As for Mexican there are numerous places!

    within 30 mins can get you far if there is no traffic!!

    I would say Nuevo Leon in Farmers Branch is more Mex-Mex than Tex-mex

    Mi Patio in Lewisville is also good at least for Salvadoran

    Lots of good taquerias in Irving

    1. There are a couple of bbq places I would recommend that are within 30 min (depending on the time of day) WEST of the airport off of 114. What part of the metroplex will you be staying?

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      1. re: CocoaNut

        Just a few miles west of airport.

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          I suggest Mi Cocina. I know people are trying to suggest some super authentic best around, but I like Mi Cocina. It is consistently good. Have brisket tacos, you can't go wrong. The one I am referring to is on MacArthur in las colinas.

      2. I would highly, highly recommend Hard Eight BBQ. It is just north of the airport. Hands down the best in Dallas (which I realize isn't saying much - but it is very good).

        1. OK. You didn't say if you'd be staying on SH 183 or 114 - but then you might not be aware that there is a north and south airport entrances which connect to 2 different highways. Hopefully, your hotel is on 114 (north entrance), but if on 183, SH 121 connects 183 and 114.

          As Lewisville stated, properly smoke bbq is a tricky business. A lot of people try to do it. A lot of people fail miserably. For that reason, don’t let anyone steer you toward some popular chains. Most notable: Sonny Bryans (unless it’s the original on Inwood in Dallas), Dickey’s, Red, Hot and Blue or Springcreek BBQ.

          But, in the 30 min. (non-rush hour) area that you’re speaking, I'd recommend The Feedstore in Southlake, easily accessible from 114. Red Barn in Colleyville is good when they’re on their game, but lately, they’ve shown some inconsistencies. Both are BYOB.

          For Mexican, a little further away but still within 30 min., in far N. Irving (Valley Ranch – you’ll see the Dallas Cowboy practice facility) is 7 Salsas. I’ve been there a few times for lunch and have been very pleased, never disappointed with the Tex-Mex staples of tacos and enchiladas, but they offer other items as well. It’s family owned with an upscale decor. Full bar. It’s located at 8140 N. MacArthur Blvd, Irving, TX.

          If you’re looking for Tex-Mex pomp and flair, Uncle Julios (chain) is in Grapevine. It’s loud! and is *not* at the top of my list, but it’s a popular destination. The portions are large and more pre-fab than authentic, but it’s festive. Be prepared to open the wallet wide if you plan to have any ‘rita’s or other cocktails.

          Southlake Town Square offers Mi Cocina (another chain) which is up-scale Mexican fare. It’s good, “fancy” food, but up-scale doesn’t get you the real deal of everyday Tex Mex. The Square also has lots of shopping, a couple of area wine bars and other restaurants.

          Off subject to your BBQ and Tex-Mex question, if you enjoy relaxing with a glass of wine, Grapevine has several wineries with tasting rooms on and near Main Street – also off of 114. Many feature local Texas wines.

          Perhaps too much info, but hope this helps none the less. Enjoy your stay!

          A note on HardEight. Even on plated food, you pay by the pound. I speak from experience when I say your eyes can be much bigger than your pocketbook - easily and quickly! :)

          1. Ult! I don't know how I forgot to mention Gloria's in Colleyville. It began as a very small Salvadoran restaurant in the corner of a Day's Inn type motel. Over the years it has exploded into a local chain of sorts. Still true to Salvadoran, they've added Tex-Mex to the menu. Everything is a solid selection. If you're here over the weekend, they have a really nice brunch menu also. It'd be much closer for you than 7-Salsas and equally good, if not better.

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              Nothing against you but I tend to stray away from I said above the trip is worth it to Lewisville on Main Street for Mi Patio. The Salvadoran here is really tasty I especially like the pupusas de loroco, and papusas de frijol. The fried yucca with carnitas is also pretty tasty. The papusas are pretty much what I go for and their curtido is house made (fermented in pineapple juice). Same shopping center as Big Lots and Popeye's Chicken.


              I have not been to the two places CocoaNut recommended for BBQ but it is so hard not to just smoke my own. BBQ here is terrible compared to the Texas Hill Country. Avoid any chain!!!

              Here are several links for people staying around the airport

              Grapevine (NW of the Airport

              Coppell (due north of the airport) - most of the same recs

              No one has put together a comprehensive list of Mid Cities (Hurst, Euless Bedford, Colleyville) restaurants. CocoaNut s/he is fairly new and has done an excellent job at covering that area. Perhaps in later posts we will see more gems come out of that area of town. Southlake might have a Central Market (foodie's market but it pails in size and depth of items to the Dallas and Plano stores), but I think it has gotten filled with chains....a lot of them offshoots from Dallas-Uptown area restaurants. I would be leary of suggestions from Southlake...cept for the BBQ place CocoaNut suggested.

              Grapevine Main Street is very nice and if you are staying a weekend try out the very small farmers market and meet Anne Jones a local goats milk cheesemaker.

              Coppell has the biggest of the suburb farmers markets. Great and only open Saturday...get there early b/c it gets crowded.

              1. re: LewisvilleHounder

                LH! HA! No harm, no foul! You're right, I am new to this board and as such, I understand the credibility factor. But, let it be known that I (female) neither am a fan of chains - thus my "chain" notations/disclaimers. Unfortunately, I'm unaware of Utl's age, interests, etc, so I wanted to provide a variety and let his party be the judge. Also, within the surrounds that he requested there just aren't that many TEX-MEX's that are good quality, family owned, authentic establishments that I would feel comfortable sending an out-of-towner - this based on their location and appearance,. However, here are two holes-in-the-wall (and I still think they may be a little daunting at the surface) : Los Amigos, 202 E. NW HWY, Grapevine and Danal's on 508 N O'Conner, Irving. Both are excellent - what you would probably find served on the owners' home tables - and they're on the cheap. Utl, if you're exceptionally adventuresome, Amigos serves Medudo ( ) and if you are still here over the weekend, good Mexican breakfast selections are on the menu all day. All that being said, I'd still reco Gloria's and 7 Salsa's.

                Central Market is directly across the street from Southlake Town Square - Don't know if you've been to other of their TX locations (yes, they're a grocery chain), but in comparison to NYC markets, you will likely be astounded with selection and quality! As to Southlake Town Square, don't be too quick to discount it. Depending on your interests and the amount of free time you have AND weather permitting, it's an outdoor shopping mecca - throwback to "downtowns" of yesteryear - filled with high end shopping retailers in high end Southlake. If you do get by there, stop in at Milwaukee Joes for a scoop of THE BEST lemon custard - churned locally in Bedford at their Harwood Rd location. Actually, if your hotel is on 183, this location would probably be very close to you.

                Where ever you find to eat and play, I truly hope you have a wonderful experience in this part of TX!

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                  That is more like it....I have yet to try out Los Amigos and also the restaurant that when in Chicken Express's old location ...Burrito Loco?? Anyway I grew up in Irving so I know exactly were Danal's is. I went to IHS so it is just down the street. Great food and cheap. Margaritas aren't bad there either.

                  Milwaukee Joe's Bedford for Lemon Custard?

                  Credibility is definitely growing since you brought your A game with Danal's.....not too many people know about that place. Don't tell anyone but (and I know this is very far for you) Nam Hua in Richardson is a very little known Vietnamese place....I haven't had any dishes better in the Metroplex. Bahn Mi still La Me is the best!

                  1. re: LewisvilleHounder

                    You're absolutely right about Danal's 'rita's. They're small in stature, but also on the cheap - and pack a wallop of a punch! I've only been for lunch. Their 6 or 7 lunch specials have always been around $5. I just went a few weeks ago, and like so many other restaurants, they've upped the price - but still a deal for what they serve. I could drink the salsa - which can also be purchased to bring home.

                    I know I said M. Joe's is in Bedford. It *might* be Hurst. I never know where one starts and the other ends.