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Five Guys Burgers & Fries - Anyone Been?

One just opened near me in Park Slope, but I think some Manhattan locations have been around a bit longer. I pass the one on W. 55 every day on the way to the subway. I think they're originally a D.C. chain that has branched out. They get some good press, and mixed reviews on the D.C. and other Chowhound boards.


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  1. They are from DC and have many locations nationwide. I personally think the place is vastly overrated, but I know some people who love it. I live in the Park Slope area too and would rather have a burger from Bonnie's, Beast, Soda and others.


    1. It's a regular stop on my junkfood circuit in the West Village. Buns are soft, burgers are juicy (though I think a little skimpy. It's best to go with a double), bacon is flavorful, hot peppers are actually hot. I usually get a double bacon cheeseburger all the way with mushrooms, onions, jalapenos and BBQ sauce. It's a greasy mess that dribbles satisfaction down your hands. Fries, either plain or cajun, are not that great.

      1. I love Five Guys Burgers!! They are the best fast food burgers hands down. Beware all of the regular burgers mean two patties while a small is one. You can get almost any kind of topping for free and no need order a large fry. I don't know anyone that could finish one of their small fries and have any room left for the burger. They give you tons.


        1. It's overrated but still better (and cheaper) than 5 Napkin. That place has the worst fries in the city.

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            I don't think you can compare 5 Napkin and 5 Guys as they are two completely different styles of burgers. The 5 Napkin burger is a thick 10 oz burger with comte, caramelized onions and rosemary aioli. 5 Guys are more like In n Out style -- thinner patties with your choice of toppings. I thought the fires at 5 Napkin were fine, but too salty.

            Peter Cherches, if you haven't already, you may want to check out the Chains board as there are a few posts about it. Here's a link to one of them:


          2. i went twice to the one on 55th...first time i nearly dubbed it the closest thing to in n out in nyc. that was a mistake. second time, the bun was nearly soggy and fluffy...and chewy. the burger was a bit meal-y...it wasnt horrible but not what i want in a burger.

            fries are decent...

            1. I haven't been to any of the NYC branches, but I have eaten at a couple of DC branches.
              Vastly overrated. Other than the novelty, there is nothing to recommend them.
              There are dozens of places in NYC offering much better-tasting burgers.

              1. Been to Georgetown DC location when I'm down there. The Bleecker St. location is true to the ones I've had in DC. It's a good sloppy fast food burger. Better than Shake Shack in my humble opinion but I'd only recommend it if you're drunk at 2am. Otherwise, in the immediate vicinity you have Corner Bistro, Stoned Crow, Market Table, Daddy-O's, Shorty .32's, BLT, Rare, Stand, Fanelli's and Spotted Pig-all of which are vastly superior.

                1. This burger is a great value. Not the best by far, but seriously the price is well worth it. Even the location at the DC airport was great in a pinch, last time I flew through.

                  1. I heard they are going to open one in Long Beach, LI.

                    1. I found Five Guys to be incredibly disappointing. After its hype and its accolades, I was expecting a great burger. Instead, I got a burger that was utterly forgettable. Seriously, even walking out the door, I felt full, but had already blocked out the memory of the taste.

                      1. Been to the one in Bristol, CT a bunch of times, and it is very good. The problem is that if you eat it more than twice a month, you'll have a heart attack within a year.

                        1. Been to the one in Queens (College Pt) and found the burgers great. The fries are alright also - with very large portions. The problem is that if you are looking for something as a side besides fries you are out of luck.

                          What I do like about this place is that you can get a variety of toppings on your order - especially enjoy the grilled onion.

                          1. I've been to the Five Guys in Newtown, Ct which is the closest one to me. I found their double cheeseburger to be excellent. The meat was flavorful and juicy. What I like about Five Guys is you can get any combination of toppings you desire, and they have a lot to choose from. I like my cheeseburgers with raw onion and tomatoes. The fries were very good as well. I can't speak to the quality of the other outlets, though.

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                            1. The Burgers & fries were O.K. if you can get past the less than clean dining room. (The one we visited anyway)

                              1. I've been numerous times and think they're an excellent value for the price and really, an excellent quick meal for what it's trying to be.

                                If I had to offer a criticism it would be that I wish they had milkshakes. A burger and fries just isn't the same to me without a milkshake. :-/

                                I've written up a detailed post on the Outer Boroughs Board. Click my name and look back in my previous posts (I'd link to it but there seems to be a problem with viewing profiles right now.)


                                1. good stuff and the fries are done in peanut oil. the way they should be fried