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Aug 14, 2008 12:57 PM

Salad in Charlotte

Is there any place in CLT that has a good salad? I have a good sized appetite, but most restaurants seem to make salads sized for the ladies and priced too high or they are just there as an afterthought. I'm not after any thing too fancy, but something that might serve as a "meal" for a bigger guy.

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  1. I always loved Lola's on N. Tryon when I worked uptown. I also love the salads from dean & DeLuca. The Chicken Caesar at Mamma Ricotta's is pretty amazing.

    1. Try Crisp, at the corner of 7th St. & Pecan Ave. in the Elizabeth neighborhood

      1. dean and deluca is the place to go that. Downside is it not being a restaurant atmosphere. More of a takeaway, but they're really really good!

        1. Fenwicks on Providence Road is a great place for soup, salad or sandwiches. Also, I just tried Brio last week for lunch and ordered a salad and I want to go back and get the same salad. Have photo of salad from Brio.

          1. will try to attach photo again..