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Aug 14, 2008 12:56 PM

Anyone been to Amalia lately?

Have to choose on place, and Amalia was recommended to me.

Also thinking about Peasant
Del Posto
Per Se
Ca Chino (i dunno, the guy with pizza robiola)
15 east

But how is amelia? Any other recs? looking for something I can't get in LA!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I went when they first opened about 2 years ago I think and had a fabulous meal, but have not been recently. I hope someone does reply too, because I was thinking about going for their RW dinner. Menu sounded very interesting and I thought I might get one more in before the end of the summer.

    2. Based on what I read earlier about your budget, I think Per Se and Daniel are definitely a stretch. 15 East is great, but unless you are judicious in your ordering, you may run into the same problem there. Haven't been to the other places.

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        yeah, I think peer se and daniel may be above what I can afford right now. Shame, but e have plenty of similar placeis in Cali for me to go to when I have that sort of $$$

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          My experience with Amalia is the same as G3B's. That is, we had dinner there once just after they opened in Jan. '07, and the food was excellent. Note that Ivy Stark, the opening executive chef who designed the original menu, left at the end of last year. However, the current e.c., Adam Ross, was her sous. Looking at the menu on the website, I see that the Salmon Charmoula is still being served. My husband and I both had it and, as I said, it was delicious. There have been occasional posts about Amalia, so you might want to do a search.

          As for other possibilities, I haven't been to L.A. in ages, so I'm not familiar with the current dining scene. What is it that you cannot get there (or isn't very good)? Having that info will help us give you some appropriate suggestions.

          1. re: RGR

            I DID a search. Chowhound searches are frustrating, as they tend to pull up all sorts of things with no organization by relevance. For example, a post that has the word "amalia" in it once may be right at the top-thus finding a good, solid report is like banging one's head against a wall!

            I saw amalia's online menu, which is an american mediterranian fusion, very popular and easy to find on the west coast, which is more mediterranian in climate, I guess.

            We have great chinese, mexican, Vietnamese, Japanese, Indian armenian, High end seafood, Thai, mediterranian, american and such all over LA.

            We have only one or two good italian, and they are either italian/american, a few northern and a lot of almost italian..nothing good and down home, peasant like or coastal italian-hearth or oven traditional dishes. Greek is good, but it all tends to go for lamb and "greek feasts" and not as much greek island style seafood as I would like to try. Cheesecakes and delis here are passable-langer's is the best pastrami anywhere-but other deli options are like in New York, or so I've been told.

            Not great in LA for late night dining, not so many fabulous little hole in the wall places as I would like

            What food makes New York special? Plenty, I know. It's hard to find a place with so many options all over the city. I do want to try something I can't get in LA, for sure, and I'm not sure if Amalia is it, or peasant, or something I don't know of.

            Never been to NY, have only one meal out and one treat out to get...what do I do?? EEK! It's so overwhelming!

            1. re: Diana

              Yes, the search function can be a trial.

              Based on what you've said about the food scene in L.A., I don't think you should go to Amalia.

              If you can get good Japanese -- which, I presume, includes sushi? -- why go to 15 East or Morimoto? But if you do want to go for sushi, my suggestion would be Yasuda. Even though I don't eat sushi, my son-in-law loves it, and his place of choice is always Yasuda.

              Most of the Greek restaurants in NYC do a very good job with fish. They range from moderately-priced, taverna-style spots like Uncle Nick's and Ethos to high end restaurants like Estiatorio Milos.

              Since you mention the dearth of good Italian restaurants in L.A., perhaps you should go in that direction.

              I haven't been to Del Posto. A major reason is that it's gotten very mixed reviews, and considering the high cost, I don't think it's worth chancing it. Interestingly, the Enoteca has gotten much more positive commentary.

              Scarpetta has been getting universally good reviews. I'm not surprised since we ate at L'Impero while Scott Conant was there, and his food is very good. One of my restaurant peeves is high noise levels, and reports that that is the case at Scarpetta are making me hesitant to go there.

              I would suggest you consider Alto, an upscale restaurant -- though not in the category of per se and Daniel -- serving superb contemporary Italian cuisine in a space with sophisticated decor and a muted noise level.


              I hope you have a wonderful experience at whichever restaurant you ultimately choose, and that you will have the opportunity to return here and to try lots more of what the NYC dining scene has to offer.