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Aug 14, 2008 12:15 PM

Wildwood Report

Just got back from our yearly sojourn in North Wildwood:

* Maui's Doghouse on New Jersey Avenue in North Wildwood is as scrumptious as ever. Hurry over -- they close for the season in late September. I seldom crave hot dogs, but these have me in their thrall.

* Sharkey's Feeding Frenzy, just over the causeway from Wildwood to Cape May, in the Breeze-Zee-Lee marina, is also still amazingly scrumptious. The ribs are the best in the area, hands down, the chicken is also amazing -- and I had fried flounder that was the freshest I'd had around these parts. What is it with the Jersey Shore? Usually the only fresh seafood you can get is shellfish -- almost nothing for us fish lovers.

*For more upscale dining, and one of the few BYOB's left, I warmly recommend Gia's on Pacific Avenue in Wildwood. One night we had specials (pork chop, sea bass), the second we ordered off the menu (chicken parm, chicken Roberto)-- and both times we were delighted.

* Tried Quahog Seafood Hut in Stone Harbor. Some hut. Very fancy seafood, leaning to the preciously gourmet -- but the fish and chips special was quite good, if pricey.

* Woody's on New Jersey in north Wildwood has fine pub food -- hamburgers, oinion "petals" -- but don't be dumb like me and order the fish. I never order fish in a pub but figured hey, I'm at the Shore. Mistake.

That's all for now...

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  1. Somehow the wrong handle came up when I filed this -- this is actually vfresser reporting!

    1. Sharkey's is great and not discovered by many tourists. I disagree with you on Mau dogs. Greatly overpriced and nothing special.