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Aug 14, 2008 11:40 AM

Moonstones in Chelmsford

I was interested in trying the new restaurant in Chelmsford, Moonstones. I searched and saw there had been some postings a couple months back, but I was wondering if there was any more recent feedback. Apparently it's the same owners as Cobblestones in downtown Lowell.

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  1. Haven't been in a hurry because of reviews but will one day. One that I'm really excited about is Ole, downtown Lowell - menu is tapas and entertainment too. Looks fantastic.

    1. Went to Moonstones tonight. My husband had a fine meal, I had a bad one. He enjoyed his lobster & mushroom tapas a lot & liked most of his chicken, shrimp & gnocci entree (can't remember what they call it). The chicken was tender & the shrimp were cooked just right. He didn't care for the gnocci--they were heavy & oily. I ordered three tapas. The meat in the lamb "lollipops" didn't have a lot of lamb flavor & eating off the stick was difficult because it wasn't that tender, & the sauce was forgettable. The spring rolls had a crispy wrapper but the vegetables inside were mushy & essentially unrecognizable. The worst was something the menu called moussaka but bore no resemblance to any other moussaka I've ever had. It was all one gloppy tomato-y mess with a small rectangle of crustless bread poking up at each corner. I asked the waiter why I couldn't seem to find any eggplant in it. His reply: they use eggplant puree. Eggplant puree??!! What's the point of that?

      It's obvious that the restaurant wants to know how its customers like the food but our waiter's way of asking was a bit too pushy for us.

      One very positive note: the waiter noticed I'd eaten little of the so-called moussaka & took it off our bill.

      My husband says he'd go back, but obviously that won't be with me.