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Aug 14, 2008 11:20 AM

Las Vegas Bachelorette Dinner?

Where should a group of us girls go on the Strip? I was looking at Mix, Spago, Stack, Cut, but I don't know if it's too much for the girls to spend? Any other SMOKIN places we have to go try? Any places have specials for B-Dinners? Thanks!

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  1. Hello.... I would recommend Tao for a fun bachelorette dinner. I recently was there with a bunch of girls for my sisters birthday. Is it the best food ever...no...but it was pretty good and has a good small plates menu and sushi for sharing. I was actually pleasently surprised at the bill...less than I was expecting. Mostly I'm recommending because it has a fun, loud, club like atmosphere.

    I wouldn't recommend Spago. I had a very nice dinner there...the food superior to Tao's, but the atmosphere doesn't say bachelorette to me. The menu is also small...about 6 items if I remember correctly, so if you have any picky eaters they might have a tough time.

    Have fun!

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      Great!! Thanks!! I'll look into Tao!

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        aimee hit the nail on the head about tao. social house is comparable. only diff is you can go straight to the tao nite club after dinner, not sure what they have now post meal at social house - i hear there is a new nite club , christian something or another, maybe you get priority entrance into that nite club post meal at social house - not sure.

        also hopping - similar to tao in that the food ain't top notch but i think it's fun food for a group - FIX and STack ( related restaurants ) , similar to tao, you can get into the related nite clubs post meal ( the bank and jet )

        another great spot is n9ne at palms - alot of pretty people eating there, the food is very good and it's loud !

        happy eating !

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          I've eaten at Social House as well, and wasn't very impressed. The food was ok, we had sushi only, not bad but not memorable. I think part of my impression was we were seated toward the back of the restaurant (at the end of a long hall). Maybe it was supposed to be romantic, but it actually seemed desolate and lonely. So if you do decide on Social House, I would make sure you get seated on the patio, much more lively I'm sure.

          I haven't eaten at the Palm's, but I love the atmosphere and there are great lounges and clubs.

          If you're looking to get into clubs...I would recommend picking up some passes on ebay before you go. Most clubs are on there, and super cheap.

          Have fun!

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            Does dining @ Tao allow one to skip the forever long line or is that an urban myth?

      2. I love Tao and N9ne. Either would be great! Tao is very cool and the food is great! N9ne is off the strip at the Palms, but it is a "SMOKIN" place and if you talk to the staff they can get you a pass for Moon, Ghostbar and/or the Playboy Club!