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Phoenix Garden

I will be dining there tonight. Usually my preference is for Sichuanese or Shanghainese food or dim sum, but every now and then, some good old Cantonese is in order. Any advice or recommendations?

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  1. Absolutely try the oyster and roast pig casserole--my favorite thing in the place. They do a good version of snow pea leaves with crab meat sauce too--it may be an off-menu item. Excellent Peking pork chops.


    1. ate there last night. salt and pepper shrimp app was great. they also had a whole pomfret special which we loved. another favorites was the sizzling beef.

      1. 1. bring wine--it's byob!
        2. get the sauteed snow pea leaves oh my lord in heaven delicious
        3. my husband loves their pork dumplings (shumai?)

        1. i second the salt and pepper shrimp and the byob. i've never had anything i didn't like. yummy food with good service. the family that runs it is so nice. enjoy.

          1. I haven't been there is quite a while, but they have excellent Peking Duck served as 2 courses.

            1. The Peking duck, the sauteed snow pea leaves (plain or with crab met sauce), salt-and-pepper pork chops, the butterflied salt-pepper shrimps -they're all good.

              I look forward to trying the suggestion above on the oyster and roast pig casserole.

              1. I did not get to order, but did have a pretty decent meal ordered for me. Wonton soup was good, a little heavy on the ginger. The ribs appetizer was obscenely small but otherwise fine. Sweet and sour chicken is not something I have very often, but it was fine for what it was. Batter was light and crunchy. The maraschino cherries in the sauce were a little scary, but I guess so is fuqi feipian to the uninitiated. Sizzling beef was good: thick strips of tender meat in a ginger-garlic sauce that was pleasingly heavy on the garlic and scallions. Service was rather brusque, but charming in its own way. If I find myself in the neighborhood again, I'll have to try that casserole.

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                  Haha, JungMann. If your waitress is the one I am thinking of, brusque is def the right word.
                  I forgot to mention how AMAZING their chili hot sauce is. Hope you got some. I have asked the owner (Andy?) about it. He says they make it in house.

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                    I have South Asian blood. I put the chili on everything I ate. And once I ran out, I used the hot mustard instead.

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                      Ha! We always end up asking for more of just the hot sauce. Yum yum.