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Aug 14, 2008 11:11 AM

Best Chicken Strips in LA?

My wife and I use to go to Dalt'z in Burbank and they had the best chicken strips around. Now that they have finally closed it down, does anyone know of a good place to get some serious good chicken strips? Thanks for your help and replys!

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  1. Dalt's did indeed have the best chicken strips around!! Oh, how I miss that place.

    If you like buffalo chicken strips, Big Wang's has a surprisingly good chicken strips appetizer.

    Depending on which Hard Rock Cafe you go to, their Tupelo chicken strips are good although none match the great ones at the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas.

    The fried chicken meal at Grand Lux Cafe is more like giant, battered, boneless chicken strips.

    Above all, my FAVORITE chicken strips are the ones at the Kettle in Manhattan Beach. They are listed as Panko Chicken Tenders. My friend and I have driven there just for the chicken strips.

    1. san francisco saloon on pico in west la has good chicken strips
      also cheesecake factory had a good take on them, at least the 6 years ago that i tried them there
      jan's diner on beverly in west hollywood used to have good ones but they changed the recipe so not sure if they're as good

      1. Rocky's Organic Chicken Strips, in the frozen food section at Gelsons, will knock your socks off.

        I had some decent chicken strips at Black Angus Happy Hour, not really on the menu, you have to ask for the "Buffalo strips" without the wet buffalo sauce if you want them crunchy.