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Aug 14, 2008 10:51 AM

Top-quality imported chocolate squares

Anyplace around here sell those little chocolate squares from Venchi, Michel Cluizel, Valrhona, and the like ? They're readily available online, but I'd be happy to save the shipping charges.

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  1. I've seen the Cluizel squares at Fog City News in the past, but I don't know if they have them currently. I haven't been by lately.

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    1. re: farmersdaughter

      Fog City usually has them. They also usually have the Valrhona, plus Coppeneur, Dolfin and some others. The squares, at least, are in marked containers.

    2. Chocolate Covered in Noe Valley, Bi Rite, and Canyon Market all have decent chocolate selections, much cheaper than Fog City News (and labeled, so you don't have to ask the price).

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      1. re: Windy

        I'll add my vote for Chocolate Covered. Jack Epstein is a trip to schmooze with, compared to the snippy souls at Fog City.

        For some reasons, those little wrapped chocolate squares are often referred to as Napolitans.

      2. Mollie Stone's Tower Market also has a nice selection of fancy chocolate bars and squares.

        1. Mollie Stone's Tower Market in SF also has a nice selection of fancy imported and domestic chocolate bars and squares.

          1. !:20 8/14/08
            Amedei, Cluziel, Valrhona and Pralus tasting squares at Xocolate Solano with larger sizes of some and the very interesting and tasty Kalamatas made there.