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Aug 14, 2008 10:36 AM

A night in durango

My husband will be in Durango, Colorado next week. Any recommendations?

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  1. Lots of previous strings about Durango restaurants. Check the search function first.

    1. Wasn't that a Marx Bros. movie? lol

      I know that if you like beer you should definitely head for Lady Falconburgh's Barley Emporium the instant you hit town. The beer selection is vast, the food is solid and the WiFi is free.

      Other than that, do the searchification thing as previously recommended.

      1. There is a new Irish pub on Main and 9th that is getting a lot of good buzz. Steamworks Brewery on Second Ave [ a block east of Main] and 8th has really great beer, good food and lots of brew pub feel to it.

        Guido's EXCELLENT Italian food, our favorite place on Main & 12th

        Gazpacho on Second, near Wyndham, has the best New Mexican Cuisine.

        Cyprus for Mediterranean - on Second Ave

        Pizza - Farquahrt's on Main

        Mexican - Tequila's 948 Main

        Lunch or dinner:

        Christina's on SR 160 heading west, just a few minutes out of town.

        Serious Texas BBQ - 2 locations on SR 550, at north end of town and and eastern part of town.
        Deli - Bert's NY Deli just outside of downtown

        Durango Bagel on 5th, near train depot and movie theatre for breakfast.

        High end:
        Mahogany Grill,

        Chez Grandmere

        Cosmo's 919 Main

        That should do for starters!

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        1. re: DebitNM

          Thanks, Deb. It's nice to have specific and recent recommendations for Durango chow all in one place.

          Recently, I was trying to come up with a list of potential lunch stops in Durango, and I had a devil of a time sifting through all of the essentially empty "Durango and ..." threads from the past couple of years--a task made particularly difficult by the exceedingly slow internet connection I was working with [grrr].

          I'll bookmark this thread for the next time I'm up that way.

          1. re: hohokam

            Sorry if the suggestion to search first was lacking for you. Truth is that Susany didn't give to many hints as to what her husband was looking for: type of cuisine he emjoys or hates, price range, noise level, etc.

            For lunch or to grab a sandwich on the way out of town (except northbound on US 550), I would also recommend Bart's New York Deli (


            Ken & Sue's at 626 Main is a reliable purveyor of new American cuisine, and East by Southwest and Sushitarian, both Second and College are fine Japanese/Asian fusion restaurants.

            J-Bo's at Florida and North College also does decent (not great, but decent) pizza and has a Cheers-type ("where everyone knows your name") atmosphere.

            1. re: ClaireWalter

              Claire, you answer was spot on. I just had some free time and love to type!

              We had a bad experience and K&S and will not go there again. We talked to managment about it and while they seemed to be concerned, they were not. We were very disheartened since we are local and as one can tell, we eat out alot and always recommend here and on other boards.

              Kennebec Cafe, just west of town on 160, is still a wonderful place. We ate there last Sunday for our anniversary and it was excellent. They just opened a new dining room and have retained the wonderful look of Tuscanny.


              1. re: DebitNM

                I'm surprised to hear about a disappointing experience at Ken & Sue's. The conclusion, "while they seemed to be concerned, they were not," is a bit mystifying. If they seemed to be concerned, what leads you to believe that they weren't?

                Kennebec Cafe is a winner too, but I figured since Mr. Susany was only going to be in DRO for one evening, sending him west of town didn't make all that much sense.

                Happy anniversary plus one week.

                1. re: ClaireWalter

                  To make a long story short, we talked to the manager of K&S at the end of our dinner. He was apologetic and comped us the 1 dessert we had ordered. He told us that he had a meeting with the owner the next day and she would be in touch with us. That never happened.

                  The dinner was on Valentine's Day, we were put in a garden shed with a group of 2 adult men and 2 children [ 7 and 9 or so]. The children were loud, getting up and very disruptive. The had been walk ins, the manager told us, coming just when a cancellation was happening, so they got the table.

                  We knew we were going to be on the enclosed, heated patio, but we were not on the patio. We were in a garden shed placed in a corner between the back door to restaurant and patio, that had heavy plastic over the door way and a patio heater that was either too hot when on or freezing cold when it wasn't on.

                  The food was good, but that was the end of the story.

                  1. re: DebitNM

                    DebitNM -

                    Perhaps you could cut them a little slack for Valentine's Day flaws. It is one of the busiest evenings (if not THE single busiest evening) of the year for restaurant meals. IMO, it is to their credit that they managed to accommodate walk-ins on that evening. Too bad the kids were not well-behaved, but that is hardly the restaurant's fault.

                    As for the garden shed seating, the time to complain would have been when you discovered the great temperature variation, not at the end of what must have been an uncomfortable dinner. It would have been possible to ask the manager for the next available table since they gave "yours" to the walk-ins, either inside or on the enclosed patio, offering to wait at the bar until one was available.

                    Too bad that one of the owners didn't not call you the next day, but perhaps she never got the message. That would be a followup flaw, to be sure, but I wouldn't write off one of the best restaurants in town because of a single unfortunate experience.

              2. re: ClaireWalter

                I was a bit disconcerted to read your positive post about Bart's New York Deli after all accounts -- admittedly under a dozen -- I have heard of the deli. It may seem a bit cowardly, but as these 12 people, in my experience, who know their sandwiches, had not a positive word to say, I have not stepped foot in this establishment. I understand, from one of them, contrary to what Bart's advertises, he was not only not given a choice of four breads, but was offered a choice of white bread or white bread for his sandwich.

                Have you visited the Durango area recently, Claire?

                1. re: grantham

                  we have eaten at Bart's as recently as a few weeks ago. They offered several different breads and rolls for sandwiches. I had their chicken salad which is about as close to my homemade style as I have ever had. Real simple, no pickles relish or pineapple or other chic-chic stuff: chunks of chicken, mayo and celery. Hubby had a ruben on pumpernickel.

                  Earlier this year, my daughter asked me to make and bring down some chicken salad when we visited her in Albuquerque. I had just tasted Bart's for the first time and decided that it would "pass" as mine. I bought 2 lbs of it and what do you know? Ms Picky thought it was mine!

                  The owner is a New Yorker from Long Island and we think the food is really authentic. They serve Boars Head brand cold cuts, and for us NYer's that is the real deal. Try it, you might just like it!

                  1. re: DebitNM

                    Deb, thank you for responding! It's nice to hear something positive from someone who has eaten there recently. I will still be reluctant to try it anytime soon, however, as we have so many wonderful restaurants in town.

                  2. re: grantham

                    Grantham - My son lives in Durango, so I/we get there a two or three times a year, most recently in March. I have no idea what Bart's was doing in April, May, June, July or this month, but in March, when we stopped there on our way out of town, the sandwiches were hearty (double meat available) and were made on bread or rolls from Bread, which I consider an excellent bakery.

                    All sandwiches are assembled to order. I had turkey on a ciabatta roll; my husband had a Reuben, his favorite, which he said was really good. Each came w/ a big pickle spear. Because we were driving, we didn't buy "fork food." The soft drinks were a choice of mainstream and boutique brands.

                    I'm sorry if they have sunk to a bread choice of white or white, but I do wonder whether your friend(s) was/were there on a really busy weekend when they might have run out of Bread's breads.

                    1. re: ClaireWalter

                      Claire, I would certainly agree with you Bread has the best bread in Durango.

            2. The Palace next to the train station is still a good choice for lunch, as well as The Red Snapper on 9th Street, The new pub, as mentioned, at the corner of 9th and Main Avenue. For sushi, East By Southwest, at the corner of College Drive and Second Avenue, or Sushitarian, directly across the street. We agree with DebitNM's recommendations of Mahogany Grill, Cosmopolitan, and Chez Grandmere (the only French choice in Durango right now). We have recently confirmed that The Hamilton Chop House a short drive north of Durango, at Tamarron, is still the best place for beef, wild game, et cetera in Durango.

              1. Susany, totally forgot to mention Randy's, on College Drive, for continental cuisine, as well as innovative seafood dishes. Please let us know where your husband ends up dining!