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Aug 14, 2008 10:29 AM

BJ's vs. Costco - especially, rotisserie chicken?

Thanks to CH, I'm now getting Costco's rotisserie chicken (just went up 50 cents) whenever I go. I also like Boston Market's, but it's not as good a value, and saltier than Costco's. There have always been two things for which I'd use the occasional one-day shopping pass at BJ's - Best Franks and Berkley&Jensen All-Natural Dog Biscuits(they are chicken flavor and my 3 greyhounds are addicted). No sooner did I join last year, on a promotion, than they quit carrying Best (previously they'd discontinued the 4oz Best Dinner Franks but still had the 2+oz. version). Best brand is all-beef and very garlicky.
I won't renew, but in the meantime might as well take advantage of the card, because BJ's is closer. How does their rotisserie chicken compare to Costco's? I love Costco's roasted garlic loaves and in general their breads look better than BJ's, which I have not tried. When I was at Costco yesterday, I looked in vain for several things recommended on CH. On the way out, I stopped at the service desk to ask if the store carried them, which they did not. I remarked that I am also a BJ's member and generally prefer Costco, but that the well-labeled aisles make BJ's more convenient. Not only are Costco's unmarked, but they periodically reconfigure them - a real problem for people with bad knees, like me. The manager said, ruefully, that Costco has a "scavenger hunt" policy for their inventory. I suppose they figure that if they can force you to go down more aisles, you'll see additional stuff to buy.

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  1. We belong to both. Our Costco is closer, but BJs has a much bigger selection of grocery items: canned fruits, cereals, dog treats, etc. BJs also has big jars of capers and packages of Mauna Loa macadamia nuts.

    1. We live in N.J. and find that Costco carries many more grocery items than B.J.'s, and the items they carry are also more interesting. As far as the roast chicke in concerned, I happened to like B.J.'s better. I find that Costo's is much greasier, not as flavorful and always needs to be popped in the oven for about 20 minutes to really crisp up. Something tells me though that each location will be somewhat different from another.

      1. Costco chickens are larger and tastier than BJ's.

        1. IMO Costco's chix are much better than BJ's although BJ's are good. In general, I find a much larger selection at my local Costco and the prices are much better.

          1. We don;t have a BJ's but the Costco chicken is outstanding....far better than the old choice, Publix.