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seeking creamy strawberry ice cream...with lots of natural strawberry flavour

Any recs? Not looking for gelato.

The double-churned Breyers is ok, but I'm looking for something with more strawberry flavour (and possibly chunks of strawberry), with an rich, dense creamy texture rather than an icy gelato/sorbet texture. The Breyers version seems to have too much cream and sugar and not enough strawberry flavour for my taste.

Something that tastes like the Carte D'Or strawberry ice cream in Europe would be great. Thanks for any recs.

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  1. That's a relatively simple request. Try Haagen Dazs.

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      Nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing that I've tried so far beats the Haagen Dazs Strawberry ice cream.

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        Ok;) Thanks Embee & Splendid Wine Snob. I'll give it a try.

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          Strawberry Hagen Daz is my absolute favourite ice cream....I agree with both Embee & Splendid Wine Snob.....once you've had Strawberry H-D there's no going back...to me, it's the 'gold standard' for this flavour!

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            I third the Haagen Dazs recommendation. It's my favourite.

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            I fully agree with this suggestion, too. Love the strawberry Haagen Dazs.

          3. also try Mapelton's (I think it's called that) it's an organic ice cream and i really like.

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              Thanks for the suggestion, jeannieh20- will pick up some Mapleton's and compare it to the HD.

            2. The folks at Xococava (Yonge & St. Clair) make a strawberry ice cream that is superb. Tubs can be taken home. It has a texture somewhere between Haagen Dazs and sorbet but for strawberry flavor (and chunks of strawberry) I think it is hard to beat in the city of Toronto or elsewhere.

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                Easy. Go to Ed's Real Scoop in the Beach. They also recently started making Strawberry and Balsamic Vinegar ice cream.

              2. Haagen Dazs tastes exactly how you decribed.

                1. Everyone here is telling you Haagen Dazs for strawberry ice cream. I join the chorus.

                  1. Kensington Market Organic Ice Cream on Palmerston, just north of Queen has a couple of types of strawberry ice cream. I haven't tried his strawberry, but the other types that I have tried have been beyond belief fantastic. Very good quality.

                    1. I'm a Haagen Dazs strawbery ice cream fan as well. My friend brought me a tub of Ed's Strawberry Balsamic and it was very good too.

                      1. Whatever you do, dont buy any of the Bryer's "candy" type flavors. I know they have a strawberry cheesecake flavor as well. When I got it home, I read the ingredients and the top of the package. Its not even ice cream as the label calls it " frozen indulgence". Indulgence my arse!! Its full of chemicals, palm oil, etc. I called Bryers and was told that the change in formula was in response to customers wanting less trans fats. Puhlease!! Its the response to high diary costs in Canada. I told the woman that milk has no trans fats so stop lying. I'm absolutly disgusted with Bryers( Uniliver Canada). I refuse to buy ice cream in Canada now. I'll take my cooler to MI and buy the only flavor of Bryers in the US that only contains Milk, cream, sugar and eggs which is the Vanilla. Even the other flavors have corn sryup etc. I also only pay 2.50 as opposed to 8.00. Yes, I know gas is expensive, blah, blah, blah..... But I go to MI for other things, not only the ice cream.

                        I'm just so irritated at what Bryer's is doing, they're totally trying to pull one over on the unsuspecting public.

                        1. No question... Kawartha Dairy Ice Cream.

                          Here is a list of where you can pick some up: http://www.kawarthadairy.com/buy_tubs...

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                            I have to say I also like Kawartha; close second to Haagen Dazs.

                          2. Followed the majority's suggestion to try the Haagen Daz strawberry. It's much better than the double-churned Breyers, and texture is perfect. The strawberry flavour is natural tasting, but I'm looking for an ice cream with even more strawberry flavour. I also find the Haagen Daz version to be a little too sweet. But it's definitely the best strawberry ice cream I've found in Ontario so far. Thanks for the pointing me in the right direction.

                            Will report back once I've had a chance to try Mapleton, Ed's, Xococava, Kawartha, etc.