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Aug 14, 2008 10:08 AM

Best eats in Waikiki

I'm here, and so far--thanks to ya'll--my food experiences have been winners (Ono's, Alan Wong's and a Loco Moco), but I'm finding that getting from point A to B is harder than I thought especially when dd and dh and grumpy and hungry. I HATE to waste a meal, so I must be armed.
Can I get some recs for the best moderate to cheap breakfasts and lunches within walking distance of Waikiki? We are walkers. We will have a car today, and a bus pass after that, so getting to food should be easier after today. We want to eat as much great Asian and fusion food as we can while we're here.

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  1. here are a few older threads, two on Waikiki, two general budget oriented.

    Fusion food in Honolulu runs from Baked Portuguese Sausage Dim Sum (royal kitchen in chinatown), to plate lunch (zippy's, rainbow drive in), to Alan Wong's/Roys, etc.

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    1. Where on Waikiki are you? If you are on the far Diamondhead end, you may be able to walk to some of the great joints on Kapahulu. If you are on the other end, there are a few good joints there as well.

      1. Eggs & Things for breakfast! Their website says they'll close Aug 31st, which is too bad.

        1911- B Kalakaua Avenue · Honolulu, Hawaii · 96815
        Phone: (808)949-0820

        OPEN:11:00 PM at Night till
        2:00 PM in the Afternoon
        Closed: Afternoons

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        1. re: akq

          That is too bad. The website says they will be reopening with new ownership at a new location in the fall. I hope that does happen, and whoever takes it over doesn't fool with the Mac Nut pancake recipe.

          1. re: sku

            Anyone know exactly when Egg 'n Things is to reopen? Their website say "mid December" but just wondering if anyone has more specific information. I'll be in Waikiki Dec 24th for two days.

            I was bummed they were closed the last two times I was in town (September and October).


            1. re: TipsyMcStagger

              Eggs & Things is definately on 'Hawaii time'...everytime I'm there it's closed, opening late or just doesn't open. It's very hit and miss.
              Hopefully when they do open again they'll be back to being consistent.

              1. re: latindancer

                Any idea if Eggs 'n Things has reopened in the new location?


                1. re: TipsyMcStagger

                  the website still says "scheduled to open" and when I tried calling 411, they still don't have a listing.

                  1. re: KaimukiMan

                    Bummer. I guess I'll try Mac 24-7 and/or The Cream Pot.


                    1. re: KaimukiMan

                      Walked by the new Eggs 'n Things location (directly across the street from the Post Office).

                      From what I could see, it looks like they're nowhere near opening.

                      They do have a very small kiosk just around the corner selling their pancake mix...but it was closed today so there was no one there to ask about a potential reopening date.


                      1. re: TipsyMcStagger

                        Eggs 'n Things reopened last week.

                        Still a long wait to be seated. Still worth it.


            2. re: akq

              Thanks for the heads up! I'll be in Honolulu for a week from Aug. 28, and I've really been looking forward to their mac pancakes. If I would have left it until the latter part of the trip, I would have been so hosed!

              Yeah, I also hope the new owner doesn't mess with them!

            3. Was just there and late one night i was starving so I decided to try Mac 24-at the Hilton near the Zoo on Kuhio-its open 24/7!! Everyone told me it was pricey but I did not find it so. Anyway the food was upscale and so was the "diner". It was packed at 2am! I ordered the saimin-I never saw a bowl of saimin sooooooooooo large that I only could finish a third of it!! And I am a big eater. Anyway word is the pancake is enough to feed a small family of four! Go try-you will love!

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              1. re: UES Mayor


                i went to mac 24-7 at the prince and yeah. the portions were HUGE!

                you are right when you say that 1 pancake is enough to feed a family for four... my fi and i were thinking that exactly.

                in fact, i felt horrible because i couldn't finish all the food. i think i only ate like 1/16 of the entire pancake...hehehe

                but i felt better when the waitress told me that they have a contract with some farm in the country and so they give the farm the people scraps to feed to some animals. i want to say pigs... but i forgot...

                BUT, i will have to say, unfortunately i like wailana coffeehouse better... the flavors of the pancakes are better at wailana. i haven't tried the saimin yet though...

                although i must agree, it's definitly upscale =) too bad they can't combine the two!!! =) heheheh

              2. Legend Seafood on Kuhio has good Chinese/dim sum. Not the best here, but quite good, nevertheless. Consider Fatty's for a "fun" dinner too (that's a pun). try the cake noodle.