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Aug 14, 2008 09:59 AM

[DAL] New Mexican style restaurants in DFW

After recently spending a long weekend in Santa Fe, NM, I fell in love with their style of mexican food, dubbed New Mexican. More than anything, it's heavy on the green or red chile sauces, as well as black beans and white meat chicken.

I've searched around but haven't found a place in the Dallas area that serves this kind of cuisine. It's mostly Tex-Mex around here. Am I overlooking any gems in the area?

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  1. There's a Weck's in Lewisville, they're a chain based outta New Mexico.

    1. I went through the same withdrawal symptoms after a week long vacation through New Mexico...i hope someone has some suggestions

      1. Chuy's at Knox/McKinney is probably about as close as we get. They've got some green chili dishes. My brother-in-law from Tucumcari eats it for a fix until he gets back home or the Hatch Fest at Central Market.

        1. Yes Chuy's is about the best you will find. We went on Sunday night with our relatives that were visiting from Phoenix, it's pretty close the food is great. Also Hatch Chile fest begin's on the Aug 22 at CM and also at Chuys they will be roasting Chile's in the Parking lot.

          1. Y'all need to come try Anthony's Place in Fort Worth on Meacham west of I-35.

            He used to be a chef in Santa Fe. Great red and green chile and pure Santa Fe all the way.

            He has another place in Parker County named La Choza.