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Aug 14, 2008 09:40 AM

Singapore Cuisine

I'm trying to find authentic Singapore cuisine. I've tried tons of places. Only good one I had was Satay Ria at Market Village but they closed down =(

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  1. May be you can try Lion City in Mississauga (1177 Central Parkway West), or Restoran Malaysia in Richmond Hill (Bayview & 16th Ave)

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    1. re: kaka

      Do either of these places serve black pepper crab or chilli crab? If so, how good are they?

      1. re: Paolo

        Restoran Malaysia has black pepper and chili crab on their menu but I'm not sure if it's Singaporean.

        Check out their menu online:

      2. re: kaka

        I second Lion City.

        I find it's pretty authentic. The chendol last time was kinda mushy though :p
        I believe it's family owned, and their chicken rice is supposed to be fantastic (as drooled over by my Singapore born friend


        Oh and yah, they've got the chili crab.
        I love coconut curry...

        1. re: jennaboo

          I believe the chef is from Singapore so I'm sure the food is pretty authentic. I love their chicken rice and curry beef a lot too. On the other hand, the curry from Restoran Malaysia is also very tasty.

          I have not tried black pepper and chili crab in both places though.

      3. I agree with all the recommendations for Lion City. It's about as close to authentic S'pore food in Toronto. I'm a regular there, but I've never ordered the black pepper crab, so I can't really comment. It is indeed family-owned with a Singaporean chef. All the dishes are pretty solid... the fish in banana leaf is really good as well as the chicken rice.

        Whether it is worth the drive, is up to you...