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Aug 14, 2008 09:30 AM

recommendations from chowhounds

I plan my trips around great restaurants. I would appreciate any suggestions of can't miss places from fellow hounds. Thanks

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  1. Please give us a few details about your upcoming trip:

    1.) Where will you be staying?
    2.) Will you have a car, or will you want a safe walk, a cab, or streetcar?
    3.) Is there any genre of "great restaurant" that you want?
    4.) Any food allergies or strong preferences?
    5.) What is your budget?
    6.) Is a great wine list part of the deal?
    7.) Have you ever dined in NOLA? If so, what did you enjoy - not enjoy?
    8.) How deeply are you interested in going into NOLA culinary history?
    9.) Are you more interested in innovative and creative, or do you want the historically great and unique (really a sub-section of #8)?
    10.) Do you wish "fine-dining," or a more casual approach - both offer great food in NOLA, but the experience can be quite different?

    NOLA is a unique dining city. It is unlike any other place on the globe. It has elements of Europe, plus aspects of culinary art from around the US. These elements are blended in a unique combination of history and tradition, mixed with cultures that just do not exist anywhere else. The folk here can steer you correctly, but need to know how you wish to be steered.


    1. If you're in the Quarter and you see Pearl the Pie Lady, buy a pie or two and you'll have yourself a treat. We met her on the street and took a peach pie and a veggie pie - both were fantastic... we went in search of her the next night and happily found her and a delicious pecan pie!