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Aug 14, 2008 09:18 AM

Chinese buffet with peking Duck

Hi fellow hounds,

i am looking for a Chinese buffet place in MTL that has peking duck as one of the selections, In TO, there were a couple of buffet places with peking Duck. But me and the wife, houndies from boston will be at quebect and montreal next week.
Please I need your recs.

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  1. Does it have to be a buffet? Mon Nan (upstairs on Clark, betw. Rene-Levesque & La Gauchetiere) makes a great Peking duck in 3 courses - a soup, pancakes & breast meat, and a stir-fry. Very reasonably priced, and a half-order is perfect for two people. Everything is brought to you fresh and hot and crisp. I find the breast meat in particular gets pretty gross after sitting out for about 15 minutes (no longer crispy, gets really greasy as the fat changes texture) so I can't actually imagine how that would work in a buffet, even under hot lights.

    I haven't been to a Chinese buffet in ages, so I don't have any recs on that, but maybe someone else does. Good luck!