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Aug 14, 2008 08:54 AM

Best Irish Breakfast

I'm looking for the restaurant/bar/pub that serves the best Irish Breakfast in Manhattan. I posted previous on "The Best" and only got 1 response. Need your help here fellow foodies.

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  1. St. Dymphnas in the EV is the closest thing i've had to a real Irish Breakfast in Manhattan.

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      I was going to suggest St. Dymphnas as well.

    2. This may sound crazy, but Puck Fair has a wonderful Irish Breakfast! I think of them more as a bar, but their food is really yummy.

      I recently had a huge Irish Breakfast at Pig N' Whistle (but i think only the location on 3rd ave and 47th-ish has the Irish Breakfast) for brunch th other day. It was very good!

      Have you tried either of those? I'm a big fan of the irish Pub food...mmm...

      1. The Fitzpatrick Hotel on Lexington does a decent one.

        1. Pershing Square near Grand Central

          1. Half King in Chelsea -- I think they even have black pudding.