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Aug 14, 2008 08:30 AM

La Superior - New Mexican in Williambsurg?

I think its at S.2nd and Berry. Has anybody been?

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  1. I've been, and it's excellent. And great service.

    The tacos are very authentic Mexican "street" tacos. The ingredients are fresh and good quality. and everything is well priced. Tacos are $2.50, Guacamole is five bucks. There is an excellent cactus salad.

    Clearly, its main competition is Bonita, and so I must address here how they compare. And, I would say this: It's better priced, more consistent, and the chicken is MUCH better-tasting. The chicken at Bonita appears to be boiled, but at La Superior, they use a more classic pulled chicken with a lovely chipotle sauce that packs a nice amount of heat. The guacamole is comparable to Bonita's, I would say.

    Overall, really good. The place should be a mad success. It's already very busy and seems to have a loyal clientele even though its only been open for five weeks. The owner is always there and is very accommodating, and its open super late on weekends, until 2am I believe.

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      I live just down the street and have been waiting for this place to open with much anticipation. I have been 3 times now and it has both good and bad points. Most importantly the food is delicious and well prepared. I have had the tacos (carnitas and cochinita pibil), flautas, gorditas, enchilada suizas and of course guacamole. All very good.

      My main problem with La Superior is the service and the unprofessionalism (service as in you wonder if you are at a take out counter or restaurant and lack of professionalism as in - waiters smoking outside the door then returning inside to deliver your food, playing football or skateboarding in the street then returning inside to deliver food). I'm not an uptight person at all- but I think that's just really bad form and just plain gross. It makes it difficult to take this place seriously and I think it's really unfortunate because like I said the food is the best mex around right now.

      They also still don't have their liquor license and I sort of wonder if they will ever be granted one because there is a church directly across the street.

      These things make La Superior a nice quick stop in to grab a bite place, but with poor service, no margs and a rather dumpy looking space, it's not really where you want to hang out for any period of time.

      I wish them well. I just hope they can kick it up a notch.

      1. re: kbnyca

        I'm astonished that kbnyca claimed "great service" - I've been twice (yes, yes, the food is good) and have been extremely underwhelmed at the service - there is literally no concept of pacing - dishes come out helter skelter even when there is no room for them on the table - we ended up with stacks of just delivered food. The first time there my main course didn't arrive with the rest of the food, and when I asked about it, I was told that it took longer to prepare than everything else. Fact of the matter was that the cook overlooked the order, and it took until everyone else had finished all their food and then some before my dish was delivered. That would probably have been OK if there had been at least a little bit of an apology - but the waiter was running in and out the front door (as malibu observed) with his skateboard.

        Reviews have been good for the place though, although the problems have been noted, and like malibu, i'd love to see this place get its shit together -- only question is whether they care to....

      2. our food was excellent. the cochinita pibil and the grilled fish tacos were standouts, as were the chicken flautas. i never would have ordered the latter dish (bad childhood associations from chi chi's), but our waiter highly recommended that we try it. our side order of frijoles charros was likewise delicious - very savory, with lots of bacon. guac was fine, but i wouldn't order it again. it's just not as interesting as some of the other menu items.
        as far as the space goes, it's basically a diner, but i would call it modest rather than dumpy. there were several folks at the counter who seemed to be having coffee and just hanging out, and i liked that. imho, it makes for a nice, mellow atmosphere. service is likewise casual, although i didn't find the staff to be inattentive for even a moment. i don't dispute the other posters' comments on things like smoking or whatever during service, but this didn't happen while we were there. it's not the kind of place i'd go if i were in any kind of a hurry, but i'll definitely be back.

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        1. re: wleatherette

          My husband & I went last time and had a great time - we sat up at the bar.
          we brought our own tequilla and they mixed it with Prickly Pear - Divine!
          The guacomole was very tasty although on the small side - we ordered 2. The chips were hot and fresh. The Mushroom Queso Fundido - was delicious.
          We ordered the Shrimp Taco, Carne Asada Taco, Mushroom Quesadilla - heavenly - but not your typical quesidilla, alambre de res & Ezquites - which was a little plastic cup of corn kernals w/ cheese lime & mexican mayo.
          the owners were very pleasant - they should have their liquor license in 4months....

          the food was great for what it was - you're not paying 5 star prices - so dont expect 5 star atmosphere & service.

        2. Very tasty, I have to say... but no one commented on the ridiculous size of the tacos.
          Earlier today I had the tiny tinyest taco ever in my life at La Superior; I mean, it was shockingly small. But it did taste damn good. I just wouldn't call it a good value.
          I nice casual friendly vibe though. I don't mind the staff throwing a football or whatever if they still attend to my order.

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          1. re: Ida Red

            I noticed that they only use one tortilla instead of two on their tacos. but I challenge you to name a place that has more fillings than they do. They give heaping portions of their meats.

            1. re: Ida Red

              I wish I had read this before going yesterday. By the other reviews, I had expected completely authentic, working-class tacqueria. What I walked into was a hipster Cafe Habana-esque joint. But I saw that tacos were only $2.50 (they're $2 at places like Coatzingo in Jackson Hts, and much cheaper than other places in "better" areas that sell them for $3+), so I thought, hey, not a bad deal for such a hipster neighborhood. I should have figured out why.

              These tacos were tiny. I mean, ludicrously small. Don't worry, I'm not some 500lb girl content with eating a bucket of chicken by herself, but DAMN. I almost laughed when I got them. And they put them out so that on one tiny plate (more like dog-sized frisbee), there was one taco of mine and two of my bf's. So basically, that meant only one of us could eat at a time - we definitely needed a plate to catch all the taco debris that would fall. Like, wtf? Could they not bring out two plastic saucers - I mean, plates? And then the second part of our order arrived so that both of our tacos were again on one plate. Come on.

              The flavors were ok, I still prefer the ones from Jackson Hts, etc. I had a cochinita pibil (tasted like bbq pork to me?!?!) and a tongue. The pork tasted too much like barbecue sauce had been thrown on them. The tongue was a bit more muted and perhaps made to be more 'palatable' to non-taco-eaters? I am surprised this place got raves at all. Later we saw there were taco trucks parked on Bedford, and smacked ourselves for not going to those instead.

              We also got the selection of salsas to start. Tiny, tiny cups. The logistics are just... ugh. How are you supposed to dip a normal-sized thick fried tortilla chip into what are basically sake glasses? I started to pour them on. Also, the salsa assortment was interesting, but one tasted like the cooks had accidentally begun to wash out the cup and then just put it on the plate. It tasted like very diluted salsa of some sort, maybe mixed with some lemon dishwater. After all, I guess it was only $3, though we were charged $4 on the bill for some reason. Oh well, that came out of the waiter's tip, as we had to ask twice for some water.

              I don't even think I'd come here even if were still BYO, and that's saying a lot.

            2. It's great, just go. Far, far better than Bonita. The fish tacos are wonderful; so are the ezquites (corn in a cup); so is the nopales salad. I went to a birthday party there with a bunch of Mexicans and everybody was happy & thought it was authentic. The service? Well, it's about five times better than the service at DiFara's, plus there are Mexican movie posters on the wall.

              1. We went on Saturday. The food was OK to great, but I would return. We started with ezquites. I realize that it is typically served in a narrow plastic cup, but the fact that there was a huge glop of mayo and queso fresco on top meant that you had to either eat some plain mayo or force the mayo into the corn. Hmpf. I had the shrimp and chicken tinga tacos. Both were excellent -- nice, fiery chipotle sauce on plump shrimp and chicken. They are, however, quite tiny, likely owing to the fact that the taco is solely meat, and not cilantro, onions and other items often found in tacos. My husband had the torta ahogada, which sounded wonderful on the menu, but ended up mushy and bland. I think the pork was overcooked past tender to just plain soft so it had a nearly identical texture as the softened bread. I think it could have also benefited from some peppers and spices.
                Our service was fine, and I wouldn't call it dumpy, but the Edison bulbs with the red walls just make it dim. I am a big BYO fan myself as it keeps costs down, but was a little saddened that they didn't have dessert. We popped into Bonita after for divine tres leches cake.
                Overall, a pretty decent meal. I'd return for the tacos and be curious to try some other menu items.

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                1. re: chompchomp

                  did they get their liquor license yet?

                  1. re: phunkykim

                    liquor: not as of tonight.

                    I was there and had a great special, sopa de lima, Yucatan lime soup with chicken, a Gordita with chorizo, also good, and the ezquites - not that special, regular corn with mayo on top in plastic cup (good mayo though). I like this place. People in Wburg complain that it's pricey for small portions, but you can get a full meal here, a variety of authentic (as far as I could tell) mexican dishes for 15 + tip, or you could get a burrito at any other "mexican" place for 10. very much worth it.

                    1. re: emila

                      so now that they no longer can do byob - and they dont have a liquor license - can anyone send me to a place w/ good margaritas before dinner on sat night?
                      priced under $8 and less than a mile or so away


                      1. re: phunkykim

                        When you find a good margarita under $8 around here, let me know!

                        that being said, your best bet is probably Vera Cruz for margs. Not sure how much, but I would guess $8-$10. Taco Chulo has good margs but are $9 and upward I believe, depending on the tequila.

                        1. re: malibu

                          thanks so much malibu - i will look into those... have you ever been to Maracuj√° Bar 279 grand... i havent seen anything on here about that... but it seems close-ish...

                          1. re: phunkykim

                            I've been to maracuja. it's pretty much just a bar, not really margarita focused, but a fine bar none-the-less. I was trying to think of actual mexican places for good margaritas. I wouldn't expect too much from a margarita there.