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Aug 14, 2008 08:30 AM

Maryland steamed crabs?

My best friend is coming in town Labor Day weekend, and she's wants to do the "crack your own crab" thing. I'd like to take her somewhere really fun with people in their 20s, but not break the bank either. Somewhere close to Fells Point/Harbor East/ or Inner Harbor would be preferable. Any ideas?

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  1. Captain James Landing Crab House. Do it!

    1. Crabs are pretty expensive so expect to break the bank some and Captain James Landing as recommended are expensive. Also, I have never been to a "20-something" crab house, they are usually big mix of different ages and ethnicities.

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        Agreed. A "cheap crab night" really doesn't exist, especially if you want anything half decent. You really have to question the product if someone is selling larges at 24. It's like seeing a gas station with $2.00 gas... something is wrong.

        1. Cap'n James Crabhouse. Crabs are expensive EVERYWHERE this year and Cap'n James is no exception. Go for it.

          FYI, steamed crabs are only available at the crabhouse (outdoor tables). The indoors, boat shaped, restaurant is reserved for mediocre, overpriced food. The outdoor operation rocks. I can't believe they are owned by the same person?!