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Aug 14, 2008 08:20 AM

Best Casual Dining options in Atlantic City?

My wife and I are going to a concert at the House of Blues on Saturday. We will be attired rather casually and wanted to find out what options we have for a good pre-show dinner at an establishment that has a casual dress code.

Most of the decently reviewed restaurants appear to fall under the "business casual" category.

Help us out chowhounds!

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  1. Little Saigon
    2801 Arctic Ave
    Atlantic City, NJ 08401
    (609) 347-9119

    Little place Big flavors.

    Depends what you are looking for.

    Most casino hotels have a buffet. Our favorite is the Virginia city buffet at the Wild Wild West casino adjacent to Caesars.

    Borgata buffet had nice food but a problem with the hot foods not being really hot.

    If you really want to get casual Whitehouse Subs. A regular joint.

    Trump buffet used to be a fave with the crablegs but they started using way too much salt in the boil.

    Showboat, where the concert is has a nice buffet too. House of blues has a restaurant that I have not tried.

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    1. re: phantomdoc

      The two times we've grabbed a bite there before a concert, I've enjoyed the HOB food (once at the bar, once at a table).

      That said, leave plenty of time to get into the show - it was crowded and service wasn't too fast (but not particularly slow) ... I imagine that's a norm for a show night there.

      1. re: alexajord

        Thanks for the recs, has anyone eaten at Casa Di Napoli at the showboat? It looks as though they have reasonably priced pizza and salads.

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