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Aug 14, 2008 08:15 AM

Mother Daughter Dining Help (theatre and night out)

My mother and I are headed to NYC for three nights in mid September. I like to have a list of resturants to choose from or reservations ahead of time otherwise we end up wandering around and settling on some sub par place in Times Square. I'm 26 and she is 58. We are NOT foodies nor do we need a fancy wine list. We like simple food that isn't hard to understand when reading the menu. We don't mind paying money for a good meal but prefer not to spend 75.00 pp on a piece of fish the size of a deck of cards. We are from Texas gulf Coast so we tend to lean towards seafood, southwestern style dishes and contemporary american. This doesn't mean we won't try new things.

Specifically I am looking for...

- a dinner spot for Thursday night before Wicked at the Gershwin Theatre
- a fun, one of a kind, place for dinner on Friday night
- a dinner spot for before or after Alter Boyz at Old World Theatre

Last time we were in NY we at at Mesa Grill and really like that. Some resturants that have be suggested by others include Shelley's, Redeye Grill, Las Palapa, Hell's Kitchen, Bar American, Whym and Eatery. Any help would be GREAT!

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  1. Give Bar Americain and Rue 57a try.

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      I was just going to suggest Bar Americain as well. I'm 24 and have taken my mom there- we both really enjoyed it and had a great time. They have a great menu, raw bar and better yet great cocktails. I personally like it better then Mesa Grill but since you've been to Mesa it might be fun to go to another Flay restaurant. I also find the staff to always be friendly and helpful.

    2. I LOVE Uncle Nick's, for Greek food, and it's on 9th b/t 50th and 51st streets, so is a bit off the beaten path for the Times Square area.

      Or Trattoria Trecolori is right in Times Square, but has very decent Italian food.

      Marseille is another good spot with French food, may be a bit more pricey.

      1. I loved Hell's Kitchen.

        1. Marseille. 44th and 9th.
          They also own a burger place on 45th and 9th. People seemed to be enjoying a sushi starter before the burgers. Go figure...