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Aug 14, 2008 07:59 AM


A friend just made a reservation for us at Devi. I'm vegetarian, and curry-phobic. I never eat Indian, but really want to make the most of the experience.

What should I eat?

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  1. The manchurian cauliflower is very sweet and tasty. It tastes like general tsao's chicken. That's just a side dish, though. I'm sure you'll find a tasty entree & app, in addition.

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      1. What do you mean curry-phobic? Very few indian dishes are actually curries, and the word curry is used to describe many differently spiced dishes in different cuisines. Indian cuisine is very varied.

        There should plenty on the menu you'd enjoy--just ask the waiter for suggestions that aren't "curry-like" (I'm assuming your distaste is for the cumin-turmeric-coriander spice mix that predominates some North Indian "curries").

        1. Manchurian cauliflower is a terrific recommendation. The cauliflower is creamy, almost custard-like, and paired with a wonderfully sweet and slightly punchy sauce. Bhel puri is a refreshing starter, not heavy on the warm spices at all. For mains, sweet and sour eggplant is pretty good.

          If you're worried about spice, Devi plays it very light with the chilis. There is nothing that will sear.

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            I think Devi's menu has a lot of variety, especially for vegetarians, and the flavors are not quite the typical american version of Indian food. See if you can share a few things (the cauliflower is awesome) with your friend and try a few of the vegetarian options. It's worthwhile!